The Chosen One!!!

A roaring noise is swaying from the bunch of people. They are curious and unconvinced with the fact and Murmuring by looking at the dead body of the Monk.

It begins 3 years back Two Server of the God entered in Small town which is secured at the bank of river Ganga. This spiritual place surprisingly untouched from glob reactions. It has smell of simplicity and tenderness. With this affection both of them have decided to take respite in path of their destination.

They found Glory of the God and decided to serve from here. They were spending days in service of God. Their Minds and Hearts melted in Spirituality. They were also resisting feed themselves. They were shrunk and devolved. Their power comes in mind, service becomes power of God.

One dark night after service of God they went to bed. Suddenly! They felt someone is looking constantly. There was a person with long white Fur coat; his eyes were dazzle like blue sea. With a splendid face he was inviting both of them towards himself. This lovely feeling they don’t want to ignore but puzzled with presence of mysterious person. During this unconscious conversation they forget to ask his name and just ogle him.

Now this Glorious face is more apparent but still unidentified. Monks were still demanding to decipher it. Consciously!! They heard devotional voice of that dignified person. They felt the Voice of God! They perceive sound “My Son! You serve me well; I admire you and your service, but I am worrying about your wellbeing, if you serve me with your true intension, then I’ll feed you till the end your life and you will be nearest person of my heart!!” After this devotional says that noble person disappear and monks went to deep sleep.

Next day was so much drowsy; both of them didn’t come out from last night incident. Face of the angle was teasing them; at last they take it as a voice of the God and obeying it with their true heart.

Years passed and both of them serving to God continuously and attentively. God was feeding them as per their service and true intension. After passing of one year, one of the monks was getting slender day by day. Other can’t ask him any thing, which was one of the rules of serving. It depends on possess service with true heart. At end of 3rd year monk went into unfed condition. That was the time of conclusion of life. And it concluded. The monk sways away. His last glance was devoted for god only.

His colleague was poignant and skeptical with justice of God. His faith from the God is dangling. That night he was disturbed. At one moment his eyes strike on flash light coming from the door. He was sagging to see through it, but botched to do that. The devotional voice, which is coming form dazzling light articulate that “My Son! Your friend was one of the best of my attendants, and you also a dedicated attendant but you must take care of your wellbeing, because till now your friend prays for you and your health, His worships was feeding you. That Dignified person fined a place between angles.” And that was the last conversation with God.

Today, he fell into a sleep with peace and cam of mind; he is so blissful; His friend is THE CHOSEN ONE!!!


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