Is it Ground Reality???

Dear Friends,

Being a human we always wish to know our future and past. We are racing towards technology upgradation and digging the past. let we have few example of both of them, we developed super computer last week and we found age of ram and ramayana, We got evidence of water on Mars and Now we are looking to see what had happend 14 billion years ago.

I think we have started asking questions to us Who are we?,why we are here?, what we can do?, where we can go? these all questions are founder of our visions.

But between racing for future and digging of past, we are ignoring our today, present day, present year. we are working on project today for achiving future by using current resources.

Example : We will find alternate source (Nuclear energy) of energy by using current resouses but what about natural resouces? We received natural resouces to stabilized our life with all required basic needs of human being. are we over utilizing it? can we be able to estimate what could be the cost of it?

Please answer me!!!


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