Days in Istanbul…..

It’s only two day has pass of my trip, I can’t hold time to go out of my hand, It’s mind blowing city, it has history, it has people, It has a class.


Istanbul is divided into to parts Europen and Asian. This region has there own identity in many ways, like real estate prices and Trasportation facilities. It has very good road network accross the city. every address is devided into 3 parts , Buliding name with number, street name with number, and Area. It is a Green city, situated on Mountains, covered with Black sea. you can stell feel the Roman touch. Roman empire is still alive in this city. Ataturk given a very good vision to his people. He is visionary.

My Stay:

I catched up with “TAKSIM SQUARE” is the middle of the city Hotel called “Golden Park Hotel”, It’s heaven feeling when I got Indian vegie Restura next to my hotel. That is “MUSAFIR RESTURANT”


Istanbul is open hearted and democratic touch by being an islamic city, they are free to do their own wishes, people are very much supportive and communicative, Here everybody knows everything as a city. I can say People know where they are staying. Language is a Problem here as far as my concern, Turkish has support and influence of Arabic.


1. Metros : Great connectivity within regions (European and Asia)

2. City Bus: Best service for anybody. It is Frequent and goint everywhere.

3. MiniBus: Shuttle buses only goes when it gets full of pessenger.

4. Taxis: If you take Taxi you are landlord and people feel you have good money in your pocket. Best way to reach early.

5. Boats: It is between port of European and Asian. very fast and frequent.

6. Trams: It has limited connectivity, it has ancient touch.

Do’s and Don’ts:

1. Never belive on massage center which offered you within a citylines, go to selective places.Turkish Hamam is famous.

2. Never belive on first offer in Grand Bazar you will get better in cheaper rate.

3. Try to negociate with Taxi drivers for better rates.

Update you once I will be at work back home.

see you please give me your inputs.


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