Map of India during Ramayana and Mahabharata

Map of India in the age of Ramayana

Map of India in the age of Ramayana

Map of India in the age of Mahabharata

Map of India in the age of Mahabharata


83 thoughts on “Map of India during Ramayana and Mahabharata

  1. Harishbabu Dave says:

    Very good & fine. You have done a good job. Among above I have some of the knowledge but not all. So, I update my knowledge thro’ yr knowledge. Fabulous job done.

  2. Mahesh L.Sampat says:

    Very good site. Currently, checking out various sites dating of Mahabharat so your site is helpful to know some area mentioned in Mahabharat. It would be very useful to have achaeological discoveries on the map to start with Mahabharat event. Thank you for your good work.

  3. ashok kaushik says:

    Marvelous sir, you have helped the peole who are interested to read the history of India . fantastic job

  4. vibhanshudave says:

    Thank you Mr. Ashok, I need people like you to motive me. Thanks again for your special comment.

  5. Meenakshi says:

    Dear Sir
    This is really interesting. Thank you for all the good work put up here. I will surely be reading your other articles
    Thanks once again

  6. Relish says:

    thanks a lot dear. I was reading Ram related book and was so curious to make the map myself……thanks again.

  7. R.Krishnan says:

    Very interesting and useful to get a good picture and get more out of reading Ramayana & Mahabharatha. Thank you.

  8. S.R. ASHA RANI says:

    even though i know a little bit of this map, you cleared a lot. thanks a lot. creates curiosity to know more about epics.

  9. Tapan Shah says:

    Thnx a lot…. u r true indian who is having total history of great INDIA.. Thnx once again nd if u have some pics of indian history please do mail me.

  10. Kartik Pandya says:

    Thanks for the map. Well I am keen to know what was the position of china during the times of ramayan and mahabharat. Well was china there during mahabharat or ramayan? What about suthern Indian kingdoms during Mahabharat & ramayan?

  11. Prabhat Kumar Bajpai says:

    Nice information in maps of Ramayana period and Mahabharat periodl. However I would like to know the names of southern part of India during Mahabharat period. Since mahabharat period is later than Ramayana period how come that details which were available during Ramayana period were not available during Mahabharat period. Keepup your good work.

  12. taran says:

    mr prabhat kumar bajpai….u must watch michael wood’s story of india thoroughly……u will know that mahabharat happened before ramayana period (i would be taken as a person who knows nothing, but history is different than blind belief).

  13. PRIYA RANJAN says:



  14. Prabhat Kumar Bajpai says:

    dear taran, it is common belief on the basis of hindu scriptures that mahabharat period is later than ramayana period. may be michael wood has done some research and came to other conclusion. nevertheless my interest is in the names of southern part of india during mahabharat period.

  15. milind says:

    Can karna goes anga desh becoz it is too long from hastinapur and that time travaling is so slowly. if anga desh is that much long acordind to map then how control it by karna? because it mostly spend his time in hastinapur…..

  16. prafulla Vaman mendki says:

    Those interested in astronomy, my books:
    ‘Astronomy in Ramayana’ and ‘Astronomy in Mahabharata’
    which prove with mathematics and with computer programs
    the dates in Ramayana and Mahabharata and prove that
    Ramayana and Mahabharata were real histories.

  17. star says:

    very nice work . i am not hitory student but interest in knowing abt the bc,siddhars, etc. this is very amazing.

  18. Prabhat Kumar Bajpai says:

    Dear Prafulla. Please let me know from where I can get your books. I am seriously interested in your work.

  19. Prof. Dr. NSR Sastry says:

    Wonderful Sir. I would like to know if there are any updates to these maps, if so where can I see/get them.

  20. Shridhar Donde says:

    Very Good Site And Good Information.Carry Your Good Work Futher.Can You Tell Something About Maharastra During Ramayana And Mahabharat Period.

  21. nagendra says:

    IN both the epics its said that our Gods control the whole world but it was never mentioned anywhere . Both epics just travel around india. Why? I have been searching for this answer for a long time. Plz do let me if any one has good link which will help me find my answer.

  22. Prof Dr. NSR Sastry says:

    It is not Gods control the World but this World (Vishwa > Brahman) itself is God (Parabrahman Paramatma). Brahman is FULL (poorna) and every thing (world) that comes out of Brahman is also FULL. Yet Brahman is still FULL, always, with not form, no begining, no end, nof features / characteristics and is omnipresent and omnipotent. Accorfing to Hindu tradition (sanaatanadharma), this God=Brahman (Paramaatma) is one with every being (Jeevaatama or simply Aatma) known and unknown – one (not two – advaita). So all worldly things (sun, rain, fire, water, earth, sky etc) are the same God, though we may use diffrent names and descriptions for convenience, imagine their forms and worship them for their benevolance – Surya Dev, Varuna Dev etc. This God=Brahman comprises of two aspects – PURUSHA (male) and PRAKRITI (female). And the PRAKRITI is the real power (Shakti) of the Purusha. The creative or conceptual aspect of Brahman came to be refered as Brahma with His own power (Prakriti – Saraswati). That aspects that maintains the balance in the World came to be called as Vishnu with His own power (Kakshmi). That aspect of Brahman that takes care of the trancendent aspects came to be known as Shiva with His own power (Parvathi). So are other Gods and Goddesses imagined. Srimad Bhagavadgeeta in Mahabharatha is the explanation of Brahman=God by Krishna saying that He is all aspects of World, as we believe that Individual and God is one. Vaalmiki mentions not once of Rama as God but as a model Man. Man by good virtues can be God. Vashistha Geeta and Adyatma Ramayana (of Vyaas) give idea about these aspects.

  23. sameer reddy says:

    this is my answer to mr karthik pandey:- brother govt of india can’t afford to approve any material which is linked with religion. its really sad that not well established historic things like this don’t make significance in our country on the name of religion.
    about southern indian kingdoms, bro there is a speculation about this topic. it includes rational discrimination included according to some historic scholars. ramayana was basically in back drop of aryans and southindia at that time was mostly unknown and whwn occupied they say the people here were called sudras(because of there wild culture and dark complexion). so there’s’t any clear names or descriptions can be made out of ramayna for southern india according to my knowledge.

    to many who have problems with logical explanation for distances places etc… here is my answer. the map here is just an part of representation which can explain these to so proved facts. for that matter ramayna may not takeplace in india at all. according to our mythology ramayana took place around 1.2million yrs ago when almost humans looked like a monkey as far as science is concerned. but mythology says lord rama was aajanubahum(handsome simply). geographical features are dynamic and tend to change every now and then. mahabharatha has some credibility in terms of geographical and historic documentation wise so the map given here may be very precise. but mind you there are flaws in it to. as far as distance and travelling concerned, people our ancestors were gaints. if you don’t believe me ask any anthropologist and indianologist. people were literally not less then 15 feet high and could walk long distances. for eg:- lord rama when when was sent with maharshi vishwamitra walked 12 kose distance non stop in a matter of few hrs without stopping! let me remind you 1 kose is appr.4.35kms.

    any queries plz mail me at i’ll try to answer your questions in logical ways. only by questioning and finding answers only we can understand our culture an save our hinduism.

  24. M.M.SHARMA says:

    This is good effort .The dvips mentioned in the great epics may also be spotted in the maps for rich and deeper study.iNDIAN sites are informative..Thanks. DR.M.M.SHARMA

  25. Paritosh Patil says:

    i am lot interested in the history of our ancient india.thanks for updating my knowledge through these maps.thanks a lot.

  26. Sudarshna says:

    what made rama and his friends, not go through madhya pradesh, andhra/karnatka to reach rameshwaram? there si a specific deviation which makes the route longer…i understand that rama do not know where seetamma was so he moved to places wherever he got information. But this deviation look really interesting. Any thoughts please. thank you



  28. A.S.S.Rao says:

    Really thanks for your effort. During the time of Ramayana Ram not considered as god becuase his step mother Kaikeyee asked him to go to forest. During Mahabharath time also Krishna was never considered as god, becuase Duryodhana, Karna and Shakuni inuslted him inmany ways. Even Budha, Jesus not considereed as god.. But there teachings and actions raised them to above ordinary men.

  29. vinod kumar shrivastava says:

    map of ramayan la cks sharbhang ashram at amarakantak. here central waterline of india is divided in two parts. son ganga path and narmada path. so rishi sharbhang resided here and known as sharbhang.shar i.e.arrow of narmada-ganga is broken here.lord ram came here during vanvas. this place should be in the map. -vinod shrivastava, damoh mp

  30. Sudarsan says:

    Sri.Rama passed through Dandakaranya, Nallamalla forests of AP, Ahobila of AP, Thiruevvul, Thiruputkuzhi(where he performed Tarpan to Jatayu), Avanti/Kanchi all in TN before heading south. It will not be out of place to mention Sri.Rama chose to build landroute to Lanka, near Dhanushkodi, to adhere to sastras, and Hanuman leapt to Lanka across Mahendragiri near Kanyakumari

  31. Siddharth Singh says:

    india should rename its states as like of ancient periods………Mahajanapad like Kosal for central UP,Kuru for Haryana,Delhi n Western UP,Madra for Punjab,Panchal in UP,Kashi for near Banaras,Ang for Munger(Bihar) Magadh for Bihar,Vang for Bengal….most important Prayag for Allahabad
    every nation has renamed its cities n states after independance..must change name to Bharat

  32. Kodapa Ravi says:

    I like to know about mahabharath, and mysteriey of they lived places where they traveled to a place and what they do.., i really appreciate to this site


    THE exact dates of occurrences of epics like Ramayana and mahabharatha are shrouded in mystery notwithstanding the application of radio-carbon dating based on the half-life of the radioactive decay of the element of carbon etc,and the other method of luminescence etc have not conclusively proved beyond any semblance of doubt as to the historicity or otherwise of the actual enactments of the great epics, however it is hypothetical to assume that these are events within the framework of ancient history and are amenable to conjecture is quite another story….the geographical maps furnished are ”astounding” and is in-keeping with the remmnents of historical, archeological ,astrological, astronomic evidences that are available to the scholars today….. for instance one can engage in some guess work like I do….please note that the area marking the ..”dandakaaranya” jutting into the southern tip of peninsular india was largely uninhabited during the times of mahabharat, whereas during ”ramayan” it is only shown as an itenary destination to lord rama’s perigrinations into the south. … agasthya muni was the only human to venture into dandakaaranya during the times of mahabharat.


    let me continue, however when I came to that scholars, scientists, oceanographers, have categorically given the actual date of the mahabharat war as…15th October 5176BCE leaves me thunderstruck as also the the ancestors of lord rama starting from manu and his son ikshvaku down to 63rd generation and lord rama as belonging to the 64th is also no less intriguing and flabbergasting… the DWARAKA CITY EXISTED EVEN BEFORE THE TIMES OF LORD KRISHNA and that archeological studies of the sediments indicate more ancient existence to the port city of dwaraka is again….absolutely stunning as it were…but then what are our scholars waiting for…? should they not bring such facts to the attention of the world media…? should we not be legitimately proud of our ancestry…? if what we claim by such scholarly study brooks silence on the part of our scholars it is nothing short of ”hypocracy” isn’t it…? we must make haste to bring these into limelight as otherwise it is not worth the paper on which it is written…..we must unhesitatingly lay claim to the ”most ancient civilization”..tag as early as possible

  35. Adi says:

    @ Siddharth Singh: Our country follows “Unity in Diversity”… Naming the cities in the way which u said may hurt the feelings of other religion.. And its highly impossible to name in tat way due to vote bank!!

  36. Santosh says:

    This is a true Indian Site , keep Up Good Work . Its a quite good information of Maps during Ramayana & Mahabharata . Well Done !!
    The most intersting in this site is.. its Ads free …I didn’t find any rubbish Advertisements here .

    I Like this ..
    Thanks and Keep Posting more info .

  37. Suryanarayana Begur says:

    i carefully examined the family tree of sree rama of the solar dynasty and pandavas of the lunar dy nasty…. what intrigues me is the prabable date of the begining of HINDU CULTURAL PROGRESSION WHICH HAS BEEN TENTATIVELY FIXED AS 10000 BCE…? COULD IT BE MUCH EARLIER..? TJS GEORGE AN EMINENT JOURNALIST OF MODERN INDIA while commenting on the onset of year 2000 [then variously hailed as the 2000 millenium AD ] ADVISED THE INDIANS THAT INDIAN CIVILIZATION DATES BACK AS FAR BEHIND AS 35,000 BCE….THIS article in the ”INDIAN EXPRESS” at that point in time really ”astounded” me. but then it is advisable to initiate proper research in this direction to determine the ”ANTIQUITY” of HINDU CIVILIZATION and put it in the proper perspective. the DWARAKA EXCAVATIONS AND SEAFARING RESEARCH CONDUCTED BY RAO AND HIS COMPANY OF RESEARCHERS have come up with a date streaching back as far as 12000 BCE.

  38. Yogendra says:

    Map is created from current India map as major piece of land from south is missing which was submerged into the sea due to platonic disruption and big flood, refer ManuSmruti or Matsya purana to know more, if we isolate south India history difficult to get clear picture of pre and post Vedic era..

  39. Vinod Parmar says:

    Nice job sir, it is very useful, our knowledge, I hope that you can more and more collect the knowledge of our prachin bharat. I thought the
    support to the Mr prime minister shree narendra
    modi that he is comeback to our oldess bharat, thank you.

  40. Dr, L .U.. RAO Kolhapur says:

    the kingdom of panchaala was shown east to kuru kingdom . but in some other stories it was said that panchaala was now present punjab. also sri rama stayed in chitrakoota on the bank of godavari in andhra it was said. we can not exactly say the route followed by rama as there was no definite path in dandakaaranya towards kishkinda the present hampi vijayanagar area in karnataka

  41. Chitra karunakaran says:


  42. Madhusoodan says:

    based on planetarium software all the dates related to Lord Rama has been calculated for details you can see —-

    by Saroj Bala, IRS (retd. Member, CBDT)
    Director, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas

  43. Anubhav Panda says:

    I think the route of rama is given wrong, because dandakaranya is not in maharashtra it is in chhattisgarh.

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