Time line of All Dynasties of the World

Dear Friends,

I hope, I have given the right fact as this time line here with.




8 thoughts on “Time line of All Dynasties of the World

  1. Aditya says:

    Lord Rama went thru the South India to reach Lanka. Missing the elementary point here? South India has presence in this chart only from Satvahanas!

  2. Guru Prasad says:

    Not to be pain in the butt, or sarcastic, your time line is all wrong going back. Your knowledge is from more modern interpretation than classical, most people who has no scent or no real study in these areas post to many things You should consult more authentic people from Karnataka who can give you ideas about the time line of the universe itself from Baghavatha and its clear interpretation by Madhva philosophy.

    1. Mahabharata war – 30112 BCE.
    2. Ramayana is not even of this era. Its around 17 Million years old.( its from 24th Tretha yuga) we are currently in 28 Kali yuga of 7th Manvantara, you have the time line in your below blog, you need to implement in the picture.
    3. Vedas are author-less texts and are not claimed by any Rishis, they (Rishis) are just the ‘Drusthru’ meaning to those whom it was revealed. They are timeless and eternal as the universe itself.
    4. “Shesha remains as he is” – IS WRONG. Shesha means remaining. There are various stages of Shesha. Example wood burnt, then Shesha is ash. When the universe is dissolved, then Shesha is gravity. When the Sun is destroyed, then atoms remain , they are Shesha. Hope you get the picture

    5. Brahma kalpa- whole world is destroyed. During Brahma Kalpa, our entire Galaxy (Brahmanda) is destroyed.

    Just a few to mention. Hope you find some learned to guide you.


  3. Chatrapathi Kun says:

    I think this one is corrected in his later post where is rewrites the dates of Buddha and Chandragupta Maurya to 1894BC and 1541BC and Ashoka The Great 326BC was Samudragupta who assumed the title of Ashoka to himself. Plus, Rama is the 67th King in the Lineage of the Ikshvakus. Since the Mahabharata happened in the Transitional Period between Descending Dvapara and Descending Kali i.e 3976 – 3676BC, the Ramayana happened in Treta Yuga which if we assume happened in Descending Treta Yuga of this 14th Manu then it happened between 9676 – 6976BC.

  4. Chatrapathi Kun says:

    I would not go refer Wikipedia in any research paper or article, it is heavily moderated and it is actually full of bias. So I would rather look outside it so change your source of information before talking History. One thing for sure is that it is slightly younger than Bharat’s Civilization after the Westward Migration from India sometime after the Transition Period Before 12,676BC.

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