Foundation of Hindu BirthTree from Shree Manu to Janmajay 10000BC to 2500BC

Foundation of Hiduism and Tree of our Timeline


9 thoughts on “Foundation of Hindu BirthTree from Shree Manu to Janmajay 10000BC to 2500BC

  1. vedvoice says:

    Vibhansubhai dave ealier i have asked for All Kuldevi of audichya sahstra brahmin who belonging Siddhpur, and now in this hindu birth tree ,pl say about origne of Brahmin of gujarat,
    I am interesting for integrating all brahmin in Brahmtej for future development of Vedic,karmakand,application center at siddhpith, where late Devshankarbapa hadworshiped 50 yrs and got blessing of all god /godess at this place,
    the birth aniversary of said sage on 14 th november , Sankasthi choth, on Monday ,pl do needfull regarding my Brhmtej concept,

  2. mansukh V.Thakker says:

    i also written book on Simar samvay Audichya brahmin Asmita Alekhan few years back ;; The authentic History has been written By Yagni Venidatt Jagvan named AUDICHYA PRAKASH In Sanskrit Language . in which All villages of mulraj solanki reigns, doneted to verious Gotra Brahmin has been stated Along with all Names Of kuldevis & shives & Ganpatis Has been Given
    I request all Brahmin to refer to this book. M.V.Thaker Krisnasutosh Paras society UNA( 362560)

  3. giri says:

    hi dis is giri i am a padmashali. you have mentioned weavers as a shudra cast. But it is consideres as highly sanskritised and vedic caste. could you please explain me more on this we have got sacred thread and have been descendents of markhandeya maharishi who is a brahmin.we are the introducers of clothand yagnopaveetham and mentioned as greatest of purohitas byu shree maha vishnu

  4. ashutosh kulkarni says:

    hello vibhanshu..I was reading the family tree given by you…On the left side of it, you have written that Manu was 15th generation from Barhi, Anaranya was 62nd from Manu,etc. Actually according to the the Purans, Manu was 5h from Prachinbarhi,Anaranya was 24th from Manu ..Please may I know the source of your information? If what you have given is a fact, then I also will find it useful..Thank you in advance..
    Please refer to my chronological tables of kings and rishis-

  5. Chatrapathi Kun says:

    More research has to be done into this but Manu was from the Beginning of the Descending Golden Age that is between 12,976 BC – 12,676 BC. It’s a derivation of the Yugas based on the Corrected Yuga Spans. Since, the last Partial Dissolution happened 65.5 MYA the next one will happen 24 MYL. So we are in the 51st Manvantara. Each Kalpa is 1000Maha Yugas and each MahaYuga is 24,000 Years. That is both a Day and Night of the Gods each being 12,000 Years. So, after the Great Flood (I Dunno What Other Word to Use Sorry) the first Male Human was this Manu who survived it. The Lineages before him are difficult to find unless one starts exploring the oceans. I bet most of the submerged evidences must be there.

  6. Aditya says:

    Brahma Vishnu Mahesh are cosmic allegories and not human.

    How come your Birth treee does not feature:
    Emperor Rishabh ( Adinath the First Jain Tirthankara)
    Bharata and Baahubali
    Chakravrthi Vikramaditya.

    The Original Ramayana ends with Vishnu Avtar Rama’s arrival and coronation in Ayodhya,
    there is no mention of Lav and Kusa or Agnee Pariksha.

    Even Homo sexuluaity sponsoring RSS has taken note of it.

    Aditya Ch.

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