History and Formation of Audichya Brahmins

History & Formation


Most of the Audichchya Brahmins are located in Gujarat State. Their history of origin as Audichchya Brahmins can be traced from around the year 950 AD only. It was in the year 942 AD that Mulraj Solanki captured the throne of Anhilpur Patan after murdering his maternal uncle Samant Sinh Chawda, the then ruling king. In the olden days there were two crimes, considered the worst crimes. These crimes were (1) murdering a ruling king & (2) murdering a priest. In India the punishment and atonement for these crimes was self immolation by burning or by drowning.

So naturally Mulraj’s murdering the reigning king, even though it was rightly propagated as inevitable & most necessary, for saving the kingdom, by his supporters, found no takers from the kingdom’s Shrimali Brahmin priests. These priests had come to Gujarat along with the Chawada kings, from Shrimal/Bhinnmal situated in the southern part of present day state of Rajasthan. The Shrimali Brahmins were the official priests of the kingdom. Their function included Dharma & justice. They refused to give blessings to Mulraj and to annunciate him as the king. No amount of persuading, cajoling, coxing or threatening had any effect on those Brahmins. If the priests coroneted him as a king, Mulraj was ready to perform a Rudra Yagna and also to build Rudramahal, a huge temple of Rudra (Shiv) as atonement. But the priests would not budge.

It was also important for Mulraj to be coroneted as a king since, if the throne was left vacant for a long time there would be a chaos. Several Chawdas had already started pressing their claim to the throne. The enemies of the kingdom on the border had started preparations for conquest of Gujarat. An immediate action was needed if the kingdom was to be retained. But the Shrimali priests, even after explaining the circumstances, were practically unanimous in not accepting Mulraj’s reasons and credentials. Mulraj had to find another way to overcome this situation.

Mulraj & his minister Madhav came upon a brilliant idea. Chawda kings had come from Shrimal & their priests were Shrimali Brahmins. Mulraj was from Kanyakubja (Kanoj) located in the fertile lands of Ganga & Yamuna rivers, so if priests from that area could be persuaded to come and enthrone Mulraj as a king, perform Rudra Yagna and stay in Gujarat as the kingdom’s priests, two birds could be killed with a single stone. First Mulraj would now be a legitimate king and secondly the influence of Shrimali Brahmins would be curtailed and even nullified. It was decided to import and lure learned & intelligent Brahmin families in large numbers, offering them land and positions as the official kingdom priests. They immediately set to work. Several ministers under the leadership of Madhav were sent to the various important cities and areas in plains of rivers Ganga & Yamuna where there were educated & prominent Brahmins who could be persuaded to come to Gujarat for permanent settlement. To avoid a conspiracy, they also ensured that Brahmins came from different places and not from a single place.

When this big caravan of 1037 Brahmin families reached Siddhpur Patan, they were royally received by the king and his people. In India in those days, gradually Brahmins had started being known by the place of their stay or origin, and not by the Gotras as in the past. So this big group of Brahmins consisting of various Gotras was officially named Auduchchya Brahmins. In Sanskrit, Audichchya means from the northern direction. The list of Gotras, place of origin and places donated to Brahmin families by King Mulraj Solanki after their arrival at Shri Sthal, subsequently known as Siddhpur Patan, is as under.

Number of families Place of original stay of families Places donated Gotra

  • 105 Planes of rivers Ganga & Yamuna From Sihore & Siddhpur areas: Jamdagni, Vatsas, Bhargav(Bhrugu), Droan Dalabhya, Mandavya, Maunash, Gangayan, Shankruti, Paulatsya, Vashstha, Upmanu,
  • 100 Chuvan Ashram Total Udvahak, Parashar, Laudhkshi, Kashyap,
  • 100 Sarau river planes Two Bhardwaj, Kaudinya,Garg, Vishvamitra,
  • 100 Kanyakubja Hundred Kaushik, Indrakaushik, Shantatap, Atri,
  • 100 Hardwar area And Audalak, Krushnaatri, Shwetaatri, Chandraatri
  • 100 Naimasharanya Seventy Atrikahshik, Gautam, Autathya, Krutsas, Aangirash,
  • 200 Kurukshetra Four Shandilya, Gaubhil, Piplad, Agatsya,
  • 132 Pushkar area villages (Agatsya,Mahendra) Not in Audichchyas

On arrival at Siddhpur Patan, they were visited by Shrimali Brahmins (Ex Rajya Gurus) who explained their reason for boycotting Mulraj’s coronation. Out of 1037 families, 37 families saw the truth in the reasoning of the Shrimali Brahmins and decided not to participate in the king’s plans. They went in a group and intimated their decision & reason to Mulraj. Since they went about in a Group they were known as Tolakiya Audichchya Brahmins. The rest came to be known as Audichchya Sahasra Brahmins, since they were 1000 in numbers.

It might appear that only greed dominated these 1000 Brahmin families but on the other side i.e. King Mulraj Solanki’s view, explained to Brahmins, and should also not be over looked. A strong kingdom was imperative to maintain & stabilize Dharma and civilization as well as trade & prosperity of the nation. It is a well known fact that under slavery, Dharma, civilization, prosperity decline, making the nation poor and a laughing stock. History proved this to be true as the Solanki kingdom flourished for nearly three hundred years. Gujarat was the last and well fought bastion of Hindu kings, to fall against the Islamic onslaught of India in 1297. With the conquest by Delhi Islamic hordes, the prosperity not only of Solankies & Audichchya Brahmins but of entire Gujarat was lost.

Perhaps it will not be out of place at this juncture to explain the word Gotra which has been predominantly used in the above history of Audichcya Brahmins. Veda is considered to be the oldest known treaty about religion. Hindu religion believes that even though the eternal truth is one, there are many ways in which it can be interpreted. Since time immemorial, Seven Rushis have put up their interpreted version and understanding about Vedas. The name of these Rushis is Jamdagni, Gautam, Atri, Vishvamitra, Vashistha, and Bharadwaj & Kasyap. They are known as Saptrashis. Agatsya the eighth Rushi is also accepted as a Rushi who have contributed in understanding of Vedas. Each Rushi had his version of Vedas, their meaning, rituals about mode of achieving knowledge about the ultimate peace (Nirvan) and God, sholkas (hymns) for praising Supreme Being etc. The groups of followers of each Rushi’s methodology are known by that Gotra which is normally in the name of that Rushi and or his important disciples. This definitely tends to narrow down horizons of knowledge of followers. It also has a tendency to create disruption and disagreements even disturbances among people as each sect starts propagating that theirs is the only correct way to achieve God. In order to avoid such circumstances a simple method was devised. It was forbidden to marry in the same Gotra. The bride & groom had to be from different Gotras. One might wonder how this would help, but it is simplicity and ingenuity at its best. In the Vedic times boys & girls both had to undergo compulsory education. Marriages took place at a ripe age of around 18 for female & 20 for male members. Girls are more adaptive by nature so they along with the education would have known and understood rituals as well as knowledge of parent’s Gotra. Now when she gets married into another Gotra she carries her knowledge and understands the reasoning & learning of both the Gotras. The offspring gets the benefit both, from paternal as well as maternal Gotras, improving his horizon. Normally a house might have two or three brothers married into different Gotras. In such a case all cousins are greatly benefited due to interaction and continuous discussions about Vedas.

Foundation of Audichya Brahma Samaj in Gujarat

Around Vikram Samvat 1353 the army of Allaudin Khilji committed aggression on Gujarat and destroyed Rudramahalaya and the city of patan. The audichya Brahmins of that region migrated to place like kadi chanasma, karnavati li.e. the Dandhavga region. They settled in the kingdom of ashawal thakur.

After the decline and destruction of patan and khambat, the present city of Ahmedabad was founded in vikram samvat 1467 or 1411 A.D. It slowly developed as a trade center.

Being attracted by its glory some audichya Brahmins families left the kingdom of ashawal and settled in Ahmedabad in vikram samvat 1526 or 1470 A. D. Due to their some customs they became to be known as ashapara Brahmins.

Audichya Brahmins belonging to the siddhapur branch also settled in Ahmedabad with the hope of getting means of —. They came from different places like Siddhapur, Unjha, Dethali, Brahmanwada, Varwada, Kanoda, Ambasana, Kukaruada, Bokarwada, Pushpadara, Mandal, Chandubhan, Viramgam, Dholka, Kheda, Mahemadabad. Etc.

Beside, audichya Brahmins belonging to shihor branch also came to and settled in Ahmedabad. They came from places like shihor, Bagasthal, Vala Himdi, Halvad, Dhol, etc

Initialy, all these audichya Brahmins lived in 36-Aubusbs of Ahmedabad, but by the end of the 18th century the audichya Brahmins of the siddhapur branch settled in 27-Aubusbs of the city.

During siddharaj’s time the descendants of the Brahmins of the sihore branch had migrated and settled in ashapur . Present asarwas.

At that time an attempt was made to establish one caste of audichya Brahmins in coopration with the new settlers and the old settlers.

The old settlers believes that they were higher in status than the other audichya Brahmins. So they described themselves, not as audichya Brahmins but as ashapuri Brahmins. Today they are completely obliterated.

In 1803-04 there were about 1700 households of audichya Brahmins in the city. At that time an idea was mooted to establish an organization of all audichya Brahmins living in and around the city Shri Surjibhai and Shri Mavjibhai jani brothers organized an unofficial conference and a committee of jani, dave, shukla, mehta, surname caste member.

First Shri Surjibhai and Shri Mavjibhai gave caste feasts to all the 1700 households. They also gave gifts i.e. lhana of utensils. This was the beginning of the audichya sahasra Brahman in Ahmedabad.

There after , all the remaining 25 members also emulated their love for the caste and every one f them gave caste feast and gifts.

These 27 members were recognized as the leader of the caste and they became to be known as tadavis.

The leadership role of tadvis was exemplified when there was a caste feast. All the caste members of a particular locality or suburb assembled at one place and they are preceded trend his guidance in the light of torch to other place or suburb where the caste feast was arranged.

During the region of gaekwads in the city other 500 audichya families from outside had settled in the city. They settled their tadvi and entered in the caste. In 1810-12 the case households reached to 2200.

The tadvis started the practice of admitting new audichya Brahmins into the caste on payment of Rs. 25 as hansal ( i.e. entry fee ) and a caste feast. They were to vouchsafe the character, virtues and merits of the new entrant member.

This expanded caste of 2200 households acquired good status in other Brahmin caste of the city.



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  2. Harit Vyas says:

    Thanks for putting this article together and sharing your information / views on internet. Some previous web articles have said that it was king Siddhraj who brought 1000+ brahmin families in the year 1000AD from different parts of Uttar Pradesh. Also in year 1000 Siddhpur Patan was world’s 10th largest city. So it is very unlikely that some Brahmin families would get attracted to Amdavad’s glory and migrate out of such a vibrant city in Siddhraj’s time asindicated in this article.
    Please take this as constructive comments. We all are striving for the truth which is very hard to uncover after these many centuries.

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    I desire to know about kuldevi,so far family says it is navdurga but temple place is not known,On inquiry one navdurga temple found in Kanij,Near Mahemdabad,but it kuldevi of paulastya gotra so pl throw light on my inquiry and reply.
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    Very good information. however i would like to audichya brahmins were came from which state at that time?

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    I’m amazed by reading the above article. It was just a coincidence that i came to know about my origin. I m looking for our KULDEVI. My parents believe that MAA UMIYAA at UNJHA is our KULDEVI. We are “AUDICHYA SHAHASHTRA SATHA” My surname is “RAWAL” Our Gotra is “BHARADWAJ”. My grand grand parents were residing at village “LIMBHOI” Now we are at village “SAYRA” near MODASA. I just want to confirm whether MAA UMIYA is our KULDEVI. If not, pls suggest the reference material or place or location to find out the truth.

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  8. Vimalkumar C.Naik says:

    Thank you. I immigrated to Canada in 2007. I am told since childhood by my parents and grand parents that we are Audichya Sahasra. My school leaving certificate says that too. I know but am not sure about my gotra or kuldevi.

    I hope to read more about ‘brahmin migrations’ here on this site, particularly migration to south gujarat.

    In support of ” it was king Siddhraj who brought 1000+ brahmin families in the year 1000AD from different parts of Uttar Pradesh.”, I would like to add from the papers I read, “the now U.P. was the then Udich Prant and adjective of ‘udich’ is ‘audichya’. For Prayashchit-pastavo-repentance of the murder, he built sahasraling talav to perform simultenious rituals-sthapana puja-of 1000 shivling by the hands of 1000 brahmins he invited from Udich Prant.”

    Sahasraling talav near Ranki Vav and Modhera Suryamandir is worh seeing site by every brahmins of Gujarat.

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    Your hard efforts is admirable and applaudable. Keep it up with good work and service to our community.

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    Dear Vibhanshubhai,

    During my search for Palwada Audichya Brahmin to which I belong, I found history of this awsome personality: We should be proud of him.

    Umedram Lalbhai Desai
    He belonged to the caste of Gujarati Brahmins called (Palwada) Audichya Sahastra Brahmin (Udichta), from the province of Surat He was the …
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    (Rao Sahib) Umedram Lalbhai Desai (1868-1930) was a medical doctor in India during the time of the British Raj.

    His medical qualifications included LRCP and LRCS (Edinburgh), LM and LFPS (Glasgow) 1894, MD (Brussels) 1895, MB Chb (University College, London and Owens College) 1895, MD (Victoria) 1900. He was the inventor of Screw Bone Perforator and instruments for Wiring Fractured Bones (Patented). (1904 British Medical Directory, Practioners Resident Abroad)

    Early years
    Desai was born in Vyara, Valod in Surat district in the Indian state of Gujarat, India on 16 November, 1869. He belonged to the caste of Gujarati Brahmins called (Palwada) Audichya Sahastra Brahmin (Udichta), from the province of Surat. [1] He was the only son of Lalbhai Desai and Ankar Bai. Lalbhai Desai was a landowner (Zamindar) who owned vast amounts of land in Valod.

    At the age of 17, Desai married Diwali Bai. Their marriage was arranged by their parents at an early age.
    For more information open the link below:
    p.s.by the way my native place is also Valod. v underscore c underscore naik at yahuu dot com.

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    Don’t know if it is true.

    I love to see if we can form some kind of online group where we all can share our information and be knowledge about who we are and where we come from.

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    My gotra is Kasyap and kuldevi is Saktambika mata near siddhapur (not 100% sure)

  28. Yugesh shukla says:

    This is very good history lesson for Audichya Sahastra Brahmins.
    After the invasion by Allauddin Kilji’s army and defeat of Solanki’s, Audichyas moved south towards Viramgam and Saurashtra,most of them worshiped Varahi Mata at Chansma as Kuldevi, if you visit Varahi Mata mandir {also kown as VERAI mata} besides main Bhavani mata statue astride lion, there is another Murti with cut off hand [probably by the invading army of Khilji ] some of us who are searching for KULDEVI , most of the Brahmins were Shakti pujaks and worshiped Bhavani Mata as Kuldevi, apart from Varahi mata of Chansma , Bahucharaji and Amabaji were worshiped as Kuldevi,Brahmans can worship all the sixty four forms of Shakti as Kuldevi.

  29. Manu says:

    Very informative..i was informed by uncle that we are sahastra audhichya brahmin originally from Gujrat and we were invited by the king of thanesar in Haryana for a yagna and then settled here.
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    I am bit confused can you please put some light on the topic.

    We are vaishnav brahmins and bhardwaj gotra.

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    thank you for insightful information…….i am AUDICHYA brhmin living in madhya pradesh…..But we are known as MARU AUDICHYA and what i know is just that we are different from SAHASTRA AUDICHYA.In few years marriages in both brahmins are taking place.But if you have any information about What is origin of MARU AUDICHYA and are they only living in Madhya predesh and Rajasthan Maru Audichya in MP are living mainly in MALWA area of MAdhya Pradesh…and few families are linving in sehore district.

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    dear anil kumar sharma
    regarding maru audichiya brahmin u can get details from local brahm samaj.
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  32. pritesh.j.rawal says:

    dear mr.jayesh
    as per my knowledge if u’r eshamaliya joshi/mehta having gotra bharadwaj then u’r kuldevi is at naliya village,teh: muli dist :surendranagar-gujarat
    brahmin always follows only paternal gotra,there is no system adopted for dual gotra as u have stated
    u have also not indicated u’r native too.hence little bit complicated.
    thnx & rgrds

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    Excellent work. We must unite on forums like this and regain the our pride and respect and educate true values to our new generations. God Bless.

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    પોતાનો ઈતિહાસ જાણીને ખુબ આનંદ થયો પણ મારે એથી આગળ જાણવાની ઈચ્છા છે. હું સેવેલા નો છું. સેવાળા ગામ ચાણસ્મા થી છ kilometer દુર છે. અમો સેવાલિયા મેહતા કવિએ છીએ.મને મારી ફક્ત સાત પેઢી ના નામ ખબર છે. તો આગળ ના બાપ દાદા ના નામ જાણવા હોય તો મને ક્યાંથી રેફેરેન્ચે મળશે તે જણાવવા વિનીન્તી.

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    if u can help…


  40. rippen sharma says:

    Read about the history and comments thereon.Can u throw some light as 2 how and why few of us setteled in extreme north i e punjab himachal ete.Why there was no communication ?

  41. Haresh Bhatt says:

    This is superb information and should share with all families around.

    Great job done brother…… Keep it up.


  42. Nayan Rawal says:

    Dear pritesh jaswantrai rawal,

    I am Nayan Rawal from Udaipur Rajasthan, good to know about the kul devi of Rawal, really I am very intrested to know more about Rawals. Me myself and one my grand father and my uncle are dicided to go there.

    Dear, we was landlord of our villages as regards as king, but now we wnat to share our history and want to know more about other Rawal. please send me your contact no. and other detail. I am very egar to contact with you.

    One more time

    with best regards,

    Nayan Rawal
    (the person who are Rawal, please please contact to Me. we should keep in touch, after all we all are relatives)

  43. Dr. Yagnesh Chhotalal Trivedi says:

    I heard that Audichya Sahasra Brahmins came in one group of 1000 from Kashmir invited by Siddhraj Jaysinh. Another group that followed was known as Tolakiya. Tolakiyas settled in Saurastra. A third group was told to change direction. They were known as Dishawal. The place where they changed direction is known as Deesaa now. In another internet article, I read that Audichya stands for a region in central Asia. This article gives third source. It is very interesting. I am audichya Sahasra with Gautam Gotra and Kauthmi Shakha. In my family, my grandfather’s great grand father Raghuram was given a village in Prantij Taluka by a Gujarat King and destroyed later by Muslims and hence known as Ujedia (Ujjad or deseted place). Some archiological work is needed there to find its original name. Similarly, When Avanti was destroyed, it was known as Ujjain – meaning (Ujjad) deserted place.

  44. pritesh j rawal says:

    Dear Nayan Rawal.

    Thnx 4 your kind considerations.good 2 know your affections & eagerness for rawal surnamed brahmin history.
    Basically the surname was titled by raja-maharajas
    to those capable brahmins who can enrole themselves as head of priests,can perform as justice,rajpurohits,diwans and as land lord of some villages for smoother ruling of their states.

    mashaliya rawals :
    rajpurohits of rana’s,zala’s,makhwa’s,makwana’s etc.
    (amongst so many types of rawals,Mashaliyarawal,gotra bhardwaj,kuldevi-vighnahari adhiya shakti ) as per history rawals migrated from northern area of india from where they were bought to different area for religious work to punjab,hariyana,rajasthan,gujarat etc.

    for further details if requires,u acn contact me wide my email id
    mob:+91 99798 68666 / +91 99784 65111
    wadhwan city,dist:surendranagar-gujarat.

  45. Sanjay Vyas says:

    Excellent work !!
    If anyone wants to know their family history, such as their forefathers, kuldevi or devta, gotra or where their origin is then please you need to go KASHI for further information ! Gaur (any) keeps complete biodata what ever you wants to know.
    Please keep doing great work for next generation !!
    GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. gaurav sharma says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I am Gaurav Sharma from Rajsamand Rajasthan, good to know about the kul devi of Mehta, really I am very intrested to know more about Mehta. Me myself and My Family are dicided to go there.

    Dear, we was landlord of our villages as regards as king, but now we wnat to share our history and want to know more about other Mehta. please send me Detail.

    One more time

    with best regards,
    Gaurav Sharma

  47. rippen sharma says:

    dear Sanjay vyas ji
    It is gud to learn that for details one need 2 visit KASHI. can u further guide as to specfic location.KASHI is a big nagri it will be diffcult 2 know if one is getting authencated information or not.
    PLZ thro more light as per ur experence.

  48. Sumit Upadhyay says:

    My gotra is Pultasya & i want to know about my Kul devi or Devta
    Nowadays i live in Karnal wid my family
    And basically i m from Garhi Birbal Village which is situated in District Karnal near Yamuna River

  49. umang vyas says:

    dear sir,
    Great work..i m realy illuminated on dis topic nw..sir my gotra is vatsas n my surname is vyas i m a audichya sahastra brahmin..i wud realy lyk to knw more about my ancestrial history..plz provide me wid ur valuable knowledge of our great community..thanking u in anticipation
    Yours faithfuly
    Umang Vyas

  50. heetesh joshi says:

    Really appreciable and great work i personally express my congrats to you we are audhichya Sahashtra Zalawadi brahman gotra vashistha ishamaliya joshi
    Can you please provide me such informative details and information of our kuldevi and gotra

    Hiteshbhai joshi

  51. shweta says:

    how these sattar taluk and zalawadi are related to sahastra and tolakiya audichya brah.?? either these are the divisions or separate castes of audichya brah.??? i anyone knows please reply…

  52. m.v.thaker says:

    i’m vatsas gotri Audichya simar samvay brahmin i’v written book on
    simar samvay audichya brahmin.asmita alekhan. i’ve stated all gotras in it. ever first audichya histiry has been writtened by
    Venidat Yagnik. this the true history of audichya, in gujarat & other state. _ mansukhthaker,’Krisnasutosh paras society. UNA(Sorath) Junagadh. gujarat .( yoor writting is very good)

  53. Mr.kirti joshi says:

    please help me to find our orignal kuldevi, some budy say to my grnd pha. to verai mata is your kuldevi, so, he directly billive on it. without any proof, please help to find orignal kuldevi of Avdichya – Zalawadi,. Gotra : Gargas, sername : Joshi
    Gujrati –

  54. Sanjay jani says:

    Dear sir, i want to know my kuldevi & history about jani,
I am from Bhatund village, Bali Tahasil, pali dist.,Rajasthan,
My Gotra is UPMANYU

  55. Nirav Jani says:

    Dear Sanjay Jani,
    presuming that u are a gujarati speaking brahmin,there are 2 possibilities either u are an Ambasana jani or a kanodia jani..if Ambasana then ur Kuldevi is Annapurna mataji somewhere near siddhpur itself I reckon,don’t know the perfect location but if u r Kanodiya Jani like myself…then ur Kuldevi is Bahusmarna Mataji(Gayatri Mata),the temple is located in Kanoda village around 17 kms on the right road off the Mehsana-Modhera highway…Jai mataji,Jai Mahadev..:)

  56. kamlesh joshi says:

    extreamely touched. I thak from the depth of my heart for the effort that sir has made by giving this preciouse article. I am kamlesh joshi ( ISHAMALIYA JOSHI) GARSASHYA GOTRA. BUT i DONT KNOW OUR KULDEVI. SO ITS HUMBLE REQUEST TO ONE AND ALL ASOCIATED WITH OUR COMUNITY PLEASE HELP ME OUT. THANKS LOT. JAY MAHADEV

  57. Nirav Jani says:

    Good news Sunil Jani its actually Bahusmarna mataji only…bcoz only Upamanyu Gotra Janis worship her as Kuldevi and its bcoz of different Gotras that Ambasana Janis and Kanodia Janis can Marry each other inspite of having same surname.just found out…:)

  58. Nirav Jani says:

    Good news Sanjay Jani its actually Bahusmarna mataji only…bcoz only Upamanyu Gotra Janis worship her as Kuldevi and its bcoz of different Gotras that Ambasana Janis and Kanodia Janis can Marry each other inspite of having same surname.just found out…:)

  59. Gaurav Sharma says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I am Gaurav Sharma from Rajsamand Rajasthan, I want to know about the kul devi of Mehta, really I am very intrested to know more about Mehta. Me myself and My Family are dicided to go there.

    Dear, want to know more about other Mehta. please send me Detail.

    with best regards,
    Gaurav Sharma

  60. heeteshbhai joshi says:

    Dear Kamleshbhai
    we are too ishamaliya joshi and same gotra our kukdevi are Umiya mataji my contact number is 9824214757 you can please cal me at any time


  61. Chandramouli v j says:

    i want to know that my pravara have doubt that my gotra is jamadagni but in pravara we say jamadagnaa vatsasa gotra wanted to know the right meaning or the right word there

  62. Dilip Raval says:

    aapni aa mahiti bahu upyogi thai ,parantu audicha raval na sampurn aitihashik mahiti hoy to mane mail karajo karanke maaru vatan radhanpur baaju 6e ,mare kuldevi vishe tatha kul na itihaash vishe thodi mahiti melvi ne teno ek bio data taiyar kari badha janta thay tevi ichha 6e plz help me in this misson JAY PARSHURAM

  63. Gaurav Sharma says:


    I am Gaurav Mehta from Rajsamand Rajasthan, I want to know about the kuldevi of Mehta, our gotra is Bhargav, really I am very intrested to know more about Mehta & Me myself and My Family are dicided to go at Kuldevi because we had tried to konw more and more about Kuldevi but…..

    So Its my request to please give me any Idea to know the place of our Kuldevi Maa.

    Please Help Me…………

    with best regards,
    Gaurav Sharma

  64. Gaurav Sharma says:


    I am Gaurav Mehta from Rajsamand Rajasthan, I want to know about the kuldevi of Mehta, our gotra is Bhargav, Me myself and My Family are dicided to go at Kuldevi because we had tried to konw more and more about Kuldevi but…..

    So Its my request to please give me any Idea to know the place of our Kuldevi Maa.

    Please Help Me…………

    with best regards,
    Gaurav Sharma

  65. NAYAN RAWAL says:

    Dear All,

    I am Nayan Rawal (Masaliya Rawal) from Udaipur Rajasthan,
    I want to know and make family relation with Masaliya and other Rawal Please be my friend and contact with me ASAP.

    Can we make our Big and Powerfull Community???

    Please contact.—
    + 91 9413474922

  66. NAYAN RAWAL says:

    Dear Rawal’s,

    I am Nayan Rawal (Masaliya Rawal), from Udaipur Rajasthan, I wish to findout more My relatives and Rawal Brothers & Sisters from All Over India & other country, to Be a part of Family to konw more about me and give the information about them please contact to me on below any—


  67. bharat raval says:

    dear sir thanks for brahmin information i m belongs to tapodhan brahman I like to know more about tapodhan brahmin our gotra is vashishtha I like to know about rajgor bramin can we marry our son with rajgor girl ? is rajgor brahmin in baxipanch?

  68. ASHKA RAVAL says:

    hi.. em tapodhan brahmin raval wit bhardwaj gotra.. can u provide sme info regardin tapodhan brahmins.. its no wer on d internet. it wul be reli nice of u. and y sme raval s r raval wit ‘w’ sme wit ‘v’… wats d diff btwn raval nd rawal??

  69. parikshit bhatt says:



  70. NAYAN RAWAL says:


    I think it’s not any differece between ‘V’ & ‘W’ its only spelling problem mean you can write v or w whatever you want. As my openion Tapodhan Brahmin, paliwal Brahmin etc. all r belongs to Audichya Brahmin. so Its enough that your surname is Rawal & your Gotra is also Brahmin. I am Masaliya Rawal and My root is Belong to Dharangdhara mainly so cont. to me to know more abt each other on my mail ID or ph.


  71. Alkesh pandya says:

    JSK SIR, recently my angagement has completed & i m a audichya tolak but i have just one cofusion about her surname. Her surname is Gandharva & gotra is bhardwaj so pls let me know which subcaste she’s belongs from? Audichya or other thanks, JSK

  72. Pt. Vijay Rawal says:


    I’m Pt. Vijay Rawal Aoudichya Brahmin Bharadwaj Gotra, from Ujjain, I have been told by my fore fathers that we were migrated from Siddhpur Patan thousands yr’s back , we were brought by the Ujjain’s king for karmkand.
    I have 8th generations information of their names my father’s , to 7th generation Shri Om Dada Rawal came first here at Ujjain….Has any one this connection of Om Dada Rawal from Siddhpur Patan…?
    Please contact me.
    add to this our kuldevi we have started puja in local area of near maxi village since they first came here near Ujjain…..but is there any kuldevi temple in siddhpur patan related to Om Dada Rawal family or Aoudichya Brahmin….?
    my contact no. 9826196698

  73. NAYAN RAWAL says:

    Dear Vijay Rawal ,

    Nice to know about you, Please confirm that what Rawal you are like Mandaliya Rawal or Masaliya Rawal, because I am too Masaliya rawal, gotra Bharadwaj and living in Udapur Rajasthan but my root is also from Dhangdhara Gujrat and If you are also Masaliya Rawal that our Kuldevi is Vignahar Maa Adya Shakti which is near About Surendran Nagar at Kanakawati. For More Information you may contact to me


  74. Vyas Rajesh says:

    please help me to find our orignal kuldevi, some budy say to my grnd pha. to sikotar maa is your kuldevi, so, he directly billive on it. without any proof, please help to find orignal kuldevi of Avdichya – tolkiya,. Gotra : gautam, sername : vyas

  75. Prashant dave says:

    Its a best way to know about our commuunity & reunion it.such agreat job. lets spread it

  76. Pancholi Dipen N. says:

    You are doing well. You r provide important information about our cast and culture.
    I have book ” Audichya Prakash”. this book have many important information about our Gotra, Praver, KuldeviMa, Shakha, Audichya’s Original place in gujarat( India). Many Brahmin brother r no have any information about their ‘KuldeviMa’.

    I research about my ‘Pancholi’ surnem. if u have any kind of details about this, please inform me.

  77. pandya pankaj says:

    thanks for this history

    hu mara kildevi vise janva magu chu, ame original kuch(gujarat) mathi avelachie amara vadilo 5-7 vars na hata tiyare temna mata-pita dham ma jata rahel etle amara kuldevi tena nived etc, amne kasi khabar nathi amaru gotra vashishtha che ane amara vadilo asre 80-90 varas paheh rajyashra thi jamnagar ma avela etloj amne khiyal che ane ame charan (vicharti jati – nesda bandhine rahe ane pashupalan nu kam kare) tena ame gor kahevay chie to krupa kari amra kuldevi vishe janavso

  78. pandya pankaj says:

    hu mara kuldevi vise janva magu chu, ame original kuch(gujarat) mathi avelachie amara vadilo 5-7 vars na hata tiyare temna mata-pita dham ma jata rahel etle amara kuldevi tena nived etc, amne kasi khabar nathi amaru gotra vashishtha che ane amara vadilo asre 80-90 varas paheh rajyashra thi jamnagar ma avela etloj amne khiyal che ane ame charan (vicharti jati – nesda bandhine rahe ane pashupalan nu kam kare) tena ame gor kahevay chie to krupa kari amra kuldevi vishe janavso

  79. Dipen N. Pancholi says:

    Dear Brahm bandhu,


    Aap nu samajopayogi karya kharekhar prasansniy che. Ghana bhrahm bandhu ne gotra, kuldevima, praver ke potanu mul sthan khyal hoto nathi. Te badha ne yogya mahiti aapine tamo satkarya kari rahya cho.
    Hu pan uprokt vishay ma ras dharavvu chu ane ‘Pancholi kul Ni utpatti ane vikas’ vishay uper reserch kari rahyo 6u.
    Pancholi kul vishe jo aap ni pase koi mahiti hoy to te puri padva vinanti.


    M: 097275 96079

  80. Kush Pandya says:

    Thanks, its great to know our history. We people are so cleaver by giving these gotras that show this much history. I will spread this news to my family too.

  81. dipen pancholi says:

    Pankajbhai Pandya.

    Aap ne jo kuldevi maa babate mahiti melavvi hoy to hu aap ne help kari saku tem chu. aap mane jo possible hoy to contect no. aapso athwa mara contect no. uper sampark karso.

  82. Jaydeep says:

    Sir pls give me information about pandit auditchyabrahmin in morbi and native place. Sir pls give me your phone no. Or address to contact you.

  83. Heetesh Joshi says:

    Regards to all of you , i am from ISHAMALIYA JOSHI FAMILY Gargasya Gotra i am collecting data for ISHAMALIYA JOSHI family if any body have any material regarding history then please contact me
    my cell 09824214757
    mail id hitraj29@yahoo.com

    Heeteshbhai Joshi

  84. Pancholi Dipen N. says:

    Dear Jaydeepbhai,


    Aap ne jo Audichya Brahmin vishe ne ke kuldevi mate ni mahiti mahiti joiti hoy to maro sampark karso.


    Maro No. 097275 96079

  85. Rudradutt says:

    All Masaliya Raval Join My Page Of Vighhari Aashya Shakti ane randal mataji on FB.

    Latest Photos Of Our KULDEVI & Temple is also available on FB Page..

    શ્રી વિઘ્નહરી આધ્યાશક્તિ રાંદલ માતાજી

    Link is :


  86. Rudradutt says:

    મશાલીયા રાવલ પરિવારના કુળદેવી વિષે સંક્ષિપ્ત માહિતી.

    પૂર્વ ભૂમિકા : ઇ.સ. ના નવમા સૈકામા ગુજરાતમા પાટણની ગાદી ઉપર મહાપ્રતાપી મુળરાજ સોલંકી નામનો રાજા થઇ ગયો તે અપુત્ર હોઇ પુત્ર પ્રાપ્તિ માટે તેના કુળ ગુરૂની સુચના મુજબ તેણે મહાયજ્ઞ કરવાનુ નક્કી કર્યુ અને આ કાર્ય માટે તેને (1000) એક હજાર વિદ્વાન બ્રાહ્મણોની જરૂર પડી. જે ગુજરાતમા ઉપલબ્ધ ન હોઇ તેણે હાલના ઉત્તર પ્રદેશના કાશી, મથુરા, વૃન્દાવન વગેરે સ્થળોએથી બ્રાહ્મણોને તેડાવ્યા આ બ્રાહ્મણોએ ગુજરાત આવી મુળરાજને યજ્ઞ કરાવી આપ્યો, અને વેદોક્ત વિધિ અનુસાર પાટણમા સહસ્ત્રલિંગ તળાવનુ નિર્માણ પણ કરી આપ્યુ, કામ પુરૂ થયે આ બ્રાહ્મણો પોતાના વતન જવા તૈયાર થયા ત્યારે મહાપ્રતાપી મુળરાજે તેઓ બધાને અહીં રોકાઇ જવા વિંનતી કરી મુળરાજ સોલંકીએ દરેક બ્રાહ્મણને એક એક ગામ દક્ષિણામા આપ્યુ, જે પૈકી મોટા ભાગના બ્રાહ્મણો અહી રોકાઇ ગયા. તે જુદી જુદી ઉત્તરપ્રદેશની શાખ(અટક) ધરાવતા ઔદિચ્ય બ્રાહ્મણો હતા. અહી એક સહસ્ત્ર બ્રાહ્મણો આવ્યા એટલે ઔદિચ્ય સહસ્ત્ર કહેવાયા. તેમની અટક શુક્લ, જાની, ઉપાધ્યાય, પંડયા વગેરે હતી. પરંતુ અહી ગુજરાતમા તેમને જે જે દાનમા મળ્યા તે ગામના નામ ઉપરથી તેમની અટક ત્યારથી ગણાઇ. દા.ત. માંડલ ગામ ઉપરથી માંડલીયા રાવલ, કનોડીયા ગામ ઉપરથી કનોડીયા જાની, એ મુજબ આપણા પરિવારના મુળ પુરૂષને મશાલી ગામ જે સિધ્ધપુરથી ઉત્તરે ત્રીસએક ગાઉ દુર છે. તે મશાલી ગામના નામ ઉપરથી તેમની અટક મશાલીયા રાખવામા આવી. ઇ.સ. 1024 મા જ્યારે મહમદ ગઝનીએ સોમનાથ મંદિર પર આક્રમણ કર્યુ, ત્યારે ગુજરાતમા સોલંકી વંશ “ભોળો ભીમ “ નામે રાજા રાજ કરતો હતો. સોમનાથનુ રક્ષણ કરવા માટે આ રાજાએ કચ્છ, સૌરાષ્ટ્ર અને ગુજરાતના તમામ રાજાઓને વિનંતિ કરેલ, ત્યારે કચ્છમાથી (કિર્તીકોટ) કંથ કોટના રાજા કેશવદેવ મકવાણાએ આ કાર્યમા મદદ કરેલી એ કેશવદેવ મકવાણાના મહાપ્રતાપી પુત્ર હરપાળ મકવાણા કે જેઓને ઇતિહાસ ભગવી શિવના અંશવાતાર સમાન ગણે છે. તે હરપાળ દેવ મહામાયા આદ્યશક્તિના પરમ ઉપાસક હતા. બ્રહ્મા, વિષ્ણુ, મહેશ આદિ દેવતાઓએ મણિદ્વિપ (ભારત) મા પ્રસ્થાપીત કરેલ આ મહાદેવના પરમ ભક્ત હરપાળ દેવના સમયમા પાટણની ગાદી ઉપર કરણ વાઘેલા નામનો રાજા રાજ કરતો હતો. આ કરણની રાણી ફુલાદેવીને અને કરણના સમગ્ર રાજ્યને બાબરા જાતીનો યવન અથવા ( બાબરો ભૂત ) હેરાન પરેશાન કરતો હતો. હરપાળ દેવ મહા પરક્રમી હોઇ કરણ રાજાએ બાબરાને વશ કરવા માટે હરપાળ દેવની મદદ માંગી. હરપાળ દેવે પાટણ જઇ રાત્રીના મધ્ય ભાગે દેવી શક્તિની આરાધના કરી. આ બાબરાને વશ કર્યો. હરપાળ દેવનુ બીજાઓને મદદ કરવાનુ મનોબળ જોઇ આદ્યશક્તિએ હરપાળ દેવને વચન માંગવાનુ કહેલ ત્યારે હરપાળ દેવે શક્તિને કહ્યુ કે મને તમે શક્તિ પુત્ર આપો. માતાજીએ કહેલ કે એ કઇ રીતે શક્ય બની શકે. તમે તો મારા પુત્ર સમાન છો. છતા હરપાળ દેવ મક્કમ રહ્યા. એટલે શક્તિએ કહેલ કે હાલ રાજસ્થાનમા પ્રતાપસિંહ સોલંકીની દિકરી જેનુ નામ શક્તિ છે. તે મારો અંશાવતાર છે. તેની સાથે લગ્ન કર. આદ્યશક્તિએ એ વખતે હરપાળ દેવ ઉપર એટલા પ્રસન્ન હતા. કે બીજુ વરદાન માંગવા કહ્યુ. હરપાળ દેવે કહેલ કે બીજુ વરદાન હુ કરણના દરબારમા જઇને આવુ પછી માંગીશ. હરપાળ દેવ કરણના દરબારમા ગયા. એટલે કરણ ખુબ જ પ્રસન્ન થયેલ હતો. અને હરપાળ દેવને વચન માંગવા કહેલ હરપાળ દેવે કહ્યુ કે એક રાતમા હુ જેટલા ગામને તોરણ બાંધુ તેટલા ગામ મને બક્ષિસમા આપવા. કરણને એમ કે બહુ બહુ તો એક રાતમા પાંચ સાત ગામને તોરણ બાંધી શકશે. એટલે તેણે વરદાન આપ્યુ. અહી હરપાળ દેવ એક જ રાતમા 2300 ગામને તોરણ બાંધ્યા. સૌથી પહેલુ તોરણ પાટડી ગામને બાંધ્યુ અને સૌથી છેલ્લુ તોરણ દીઘડીયા (હળવદ તાલુકો ) ગામને બાંધ્યુ. કરણને ઉભા રહેવાની જગ્યા ન રહી. કરણને મુઝાયેલો જોઇ હરપાળદેવે કરણની રાણી ફુલાદેવીને બહેન ગણી પાંચસો ગામ ભાલ પ્રદેશના કાપડામા આપ્યા અને બાકીના 1800 ગામ ઝાલાવાડ પ્રાંત કહેવાયો.

    બીજી તરફ રાજસ્થાનના સોલંકી રાજા પ્રતાપસિંહની પુત્રી જેનુ નામ શક્તિ છે તે રાજાને સ્વપ્નમા તેમની પુત્રીના લગ્ન હરપાળ દેવ સાથે કરવાનુ માતાજીએ કહેલ. તે પ્રમાણે તેમના બન્નેના લગ્ન પ્રતાપસિંહ સોલંકીએ કરવાનો નિશ્ચય કર્યો. અને મશાલીયા રાવલ શાખાના મહાજ્ઞાની બિંદેશ્વર રાવલ કે જેઓ દરબારમા યોગાનુયોગ પ્રતાપસિંહને ત્યા આવ્યા. મહા પ્રતાપી પ્રતાપસિંહને બિંદેશ્વર મહારાજને સ્વપ્નની વાત કરી અને હરપાળ દેવ અને શક્તિના લગ્ન ગોઠવાયા. બિંદેશ્વર રાવલે લગ્ન કરી આપ્યા.

    લગ્ન વિધિ પુરી થઇ ગયા બાદ દેવી શક્તિએ લગ્ન કરી આપનાર પુરોહિત બિંદેશ્વરને કહ્યુ કે મહારાજ માંગો. ત્યારે બિંદેશ્વર રાવલે કહ્યુ કે આ સાક્ષાત મહામાયા મારી સન્મુખ ઉભા છો. ત્યારે મારે કાંઇ જ માંગવાનુ નથી. પરંતુ મારા વંશ પરંપરાગત કુળદેવી બનો અને મારા વારસોનુ રક્ષણ કરો. દેવી કહેલ કે હુ આદ્યશક્તિ છુ. હરપાળ દેવથી વિસમી પેઢીએ કાઠીયાવાડમા કવા નગરમા ભીમસિંહ નામનો રાજા રાજ કરશે. આ ભીમસિંહના પુત્ર વાઘોજી જે યવનો સાથે લડાઇ થશે તે કુવાનગરે વાઘોજીની સાત પત્નીઓ કુવામા પડી સતી થશે. એ ગામે મહારાજ તમારા વંશના વીસમા પુરૂષ નામે કરશનજી રાવલ થશે તે ત્યા કુવા ગામે મારૂ મંદિર બનાવી મારી પુજા કરશે. ત્યારથી ઉત્તરોત્તર તમારી વંશવૃધ્ધિ થશે અને તમારા વંશજો કુવાગામે મને કુળ દેવી તરીકે પ્રસ્થાપીત કરી મારી પુજા કરશે. આ તરફ હરપાળ દેવ એક વખત કાર્ય પ્રસંગે બહાર ગામ ગયેલા અને પાટડી રાજ મહેલ પાસે મુગલ નામનો હાથી ગાંડો થઇ હાહાકાર મચાવી માણસોને મારી રઝાળતો હતો. ત્યા દેવી શક્તિના બે પુત્રો સોયાજી અને માંગુજી અને એક ચારણ પુત્ર મેદાનમા રમતા હતા. ત્યા રાજ મહેલના ચોગાનમા આ ગાંડો હાથી આવી ચઢ્યો માતા શક્તિએ ઝરૂખામાથી આ દ્ર્શ્ય જોયુને બન્ને કુંવરને હાથ લંબાવી ઝાલી લીધા અને ચારણ પુત્રને ટપલી મારી તેના ઘરે ફ્ંગોળ્યો ત્યારથી હરપાળ દેવના વંશજો હાથ લાંબો કરી ઝાલી લીધા હોવાથી ‘ઝાલા” કહેવાયા. અને બિંદેશ્વર રાવલના વંશ વારસોના આ ઝાલાઓ યજમાન બન્યા. રાવલ પરિવાર ત્યારથી તેમના કુળગોર બન્યા.

    ઇ.સ. 15 મા સૈકામા ઇ.સ. 1492 મા આસપાસ હરપાળ દેવથી 21 મી પેઢીએ કુવાગામે વાઘોજી ઝાલા રાજ કરતા હતા. તેઓને ખુબ જ ધર્માંધ અને ઝનુની મહંમદ બેગડા સાથે કુવાગામે લડાઇ થઇ. લડાઇ ચાલુ હતી છતા શક્તિમાતાના નિશાનવાળો ધ્વજ ધ્વજરક્ષકે તેને તરસ લાગવાથી પાણી પીવા નીચે મુક્યો આ તરફ મહેલમા ધ્વજ નહી દેખાવાથી સંકેત મુજબ રાણીઓને ફાળ પડી કે નક્કી લડાઇમા વાઘોજી મરાયા એટલે સાતે સાત રાણીઓ મુસલમાનોને ક્બ્જે ન થવા માટે રાજમહેલમા આવેલ કુવામા પડી સતી થઇ. ત્યારથી આ બનાવને “કુવાનો કેર “ કહેવાયો. અને ગામનુ નામ કુવા મટી કંકાવટી પાડવામા આવ્યુ. વાઘોજીના વખતનો એક દુહો ચારણે ગાયેલ છે. કે વાઘોજી “તારૂ દિઘડીયુ દિલ્લી સરીખડુ કુવા કાશ્મીર પણ વાઘો બેગડો સરીખડા અને કાંઇક ફૌજમા ફેર” આ રીતે કુવા હાલના કંકાવટી ગામે બિંદેશ્વર રાવલના વંશજ કરશનજી રાવલના સુપુત્રો 1. દામોદરજી રાવલ 2. હરિકૃષ્ણ રાવલ 3. રણછોડ રાવલ આ ત્રણેય પુત્રો કંકાવટી ગામે રહેતા હતા. હાલના મશાલીયા રાવલના આ ત્રણેય મહાપુરૂષો પુર્વજો છે.

  87. Heetesh Joshi says:

    Really useful and superb information Great work
    if any body have necessary information about ishamaliya joshi then please share here, i am from Grand son from Joshi Hirji Vashram Family based who was settled at Jamjodhpur before 300 years back , i hope it will be useful

    નામ અને પત્ની નું નામ જન્મ સાલ ઈશવિશન લગ્ન સાલ ઈશવિશન
    કલ્યાણજી હીરજી જોષી/કાશીમાં ૧૯૦૪ ૧૯૨૯ /પોરબંદર રાજ્ય માં વસવાટ કરેલ વર્ષ ૧૯૩૧
    કરશનજી હીરજી જોષી/ કડવીમાં ૧૯૦૧ ૧૯૨૫/જામજોધપુર રાજ્ય માં જ વસવાટ કરેલ
    જેશંકર હીરજી જોષી /જમનામાં ૧૮૯૮ ૧૯૨૩/ભાણવડ રાજ્ય માં વસવાટ કરેલ ૧૯૨૫
    દયાશંકર હીરજી જોષી ૧૮૯૫ યુંવાનીં માં સ્વર્ગસ્થ થયેલ
    પ્રભાશંકર હીરજી જોષી ૧૮૯૨ સન્યાસી થયેલ બ્રહ્મચારી રહેલ
    હીરજી વશરામ જોષી /ગંગા માં ૧૮૬૭ ૧૮૯૦ /જામજોધપુર વસવાટ કટેલ
    વશરામજી ભીમાજી જોષી/કેસર માં ૧૮૩૬ ૧૮૫૯ /જામજોધપુર વસવાટ માટે આવેલ વર્ષ ૧૮૪૯
    રાઘવજી ભીમાજી જોષી/વાલીમાં ૧૮૩૪ ૧૮૫૪ / /વિપ્લવ માં ભાગ લીધેલ અને શહીદ થયેલ
    વેલજી રાઘવજી જોષી/અમુલામાં ૧૮૫૬ ૧૮૭૫ /આગળ નો ઇતિહાસ મળતો નથી
    ભીમાંજી જીવાજી જોષી/પુષ્પા માં ૧૮૧૦ ૧૮૩૨ /રાજસીતાપુર વસવાટ માટે આવેલ
    જીવાજી દેવજી જોષી/ગોમતીમાં ૧૭૮૭ ૧૮૦૮
    દેવજી ગોપાલજીજોષી/મોતીમાં ૧૭૬૦ ૧૭૮૪
    ગોપાલજી રામજી જોષી/રૂડીમાં ૧૭૩૦ ૧૭૫૬
    રામજી ગોવિંદજીજોષી/દયામાં ૧૬૯૫ ૧૭૧૬
    ગોવિંદજીકાનજી જોષી/ જડીમાં ૧૬૬૭ ૧૬૮૯
    કાનજી માધવજી જોષી/અંબા માં ૧૬૪૦ ૧૬૬૦
    માધવજીપરમાનંદજોષી/શાંતામાં ૧૫૮૯ ૧૬૧૦
    પરમાનંદવલ્લભજીજોષી/લાડુમાં ૧૫૬૦ ૧૫૮૨
    વલ્લભજીભગવાનજીજોષી/જેઠીમાં ૧૫૩૬ ૧૫૫૫

    ૧૫ મી સદી સુધી નો ઇતિહાસ મળી આવે છે આગળ ભીમજી જોષી ની પેઠી થી આપણે બધા ભાઈ થઈ થતા જઇયે છીએ , હજુ આગળ નો ઇતિહાસ મેળવીએ તો શ્રીનાથજી મુરરાજી જોષી તેના પુત્ર ભવાનજી ને લઇ ને ૧૨૩૦ માં ઈશામાંલી ગમે વસવાટ કરવા આવેલ જેનો શિલાલેખ મળી આવેલ છે અને હાલ ઈશામાંલી ગામ માં મોજુદ છે મૂળ ઈશામાંલી ગામ ગર્ગ ગોત્ર રૂપી ત્રણ ૩ જોશી ના પરિવારે વસવાટ કરેલ જે ત્રણેય ગોત્ર ગર્ગ નાં જ હતા જેનો ઇતિહાસ શાક્ષી પૂરે છે
    આપણે સર્વે ના કુળદેવી માતાજી શ્રી ઉમિયા ભવાની સ્વરૂપ છે
     કુળદેવી ઉમિયા (ઉમા) માતાજી છે જેમાં શંકા કરશો નહિ
     શિવ મહેશ્વર છે
     ગણપતિ એક્દંતો છે
     ભૈરવ કાલ ભૈરવ છે
     શર્મા મિત્ર છે
     નદી સાબરમતી છે
     વેદ યજુર્વેદ છે
     શાખા માંધ્યાન્દીની છે
     ગોત્ર ગર્ગ છે
     ગર્ગ ગોત્ર ના પાંચ પરવા છે ૦૧ ગર્ગસ્યા ૦૨ આંગીરાશ ૦૩ ભારદ્વાજ ૦૪ શેનયા ૦૫ બહ્સ્પત્ય
     શિહોર સંપ્રદાય છે
     શ્રી ઔદિચ્ય સહસ્ત્ર ઝાલાવાડી બ્રાહ્મણ છીએ
     કુલ ના મંત્ર દ્રસ્ત ઋષિ વશીસ્ઠ છે જેની સ્પષ્ટતા વિશ્નુંપુરણ પુરણ માં ત્રીજા ભજ ના પ્રથમ અધ્યાય માં આપેલ છે
     આહીર ના ગોર તરીકે પૂજાવ છો
     ભારદ્વાજ ગોત્ર, વશિષ્ટ ગોત્ર, કે ગર્ગ ગોત્ર માં વિવાહ કરવો નહી કે કરાવાવો નહિ
     તળ બાર ગામડી તળ કહેવાય છે
     હીરજી વશરામ જોષી ની પેઠી સ્થાપિત કુળદેવી તરીકે સતી માતા વહુ લાલ માં અને સાસુ અમુલા માં ને પુજે છે અને ત્યાં જ છેડાછેડી છૂટે છે
     બાર ગામડી પેહલા આપની પંખી દાભડા જીરા પંખી તરીકે ઓળખાતી
     અલ્લૌદ્દીન ને રુદ્રમાળ તોડયો પછી ઈશામાંલી જોષી પરિવાર ઈશામલ શિહોર તાબા ના રાજ માંથી સ્થળાંતર કરી અને રાજસીતાપુર થોડા વર્ષ રહેલ ત્યારબાદ જામ જોધપુર વસવાટ કરેલ
     ઇતિહાસ સાક્ષી એ બોલે છે કે હીરજી વશરામજી જોષી ની સાથે ઠાકર પરિવાર ના ગાડા પણ ભેગા હતા અને જેના મુખી સુંદરજી ઠાકર જે પાછળ થી ભટ્ટ કહેવાય તે પણ હીરજી વશરામજી જોષી સાથે જામ જોધપુર વસવાટ કરવા આવેલ
     આપણા નીવેદ બે પ્રકાર ના થાય છે
     વાર્ષિક નીવેદ અને પ્રસગોપાત થતા નીવેદ
     વાર્ષિક નીવેદ કાળી ચૌદશ ના તલવટ પાંચ મુઠ્ઠી ચોખા એટલે કે રાંધેલ ભાત ચોખા રાંધી ઘી ગોળ મેળવી જુવારવા , પાટલા ઉપર ઘી ની દીવો કરવો અને શ્રીફળ
     પાણીયારે દીવો અને તલવટ ધરવા અને શ્રીફળ
     વૈશાખ સુદ પંચમ ના ઉમિયા માતાજી ની લાપશી અને શ્રીફળ
     પ્રસંગો પાત નીવેદ માં નવ નીવેદ થાય છે
     દર વર્ષે આશો સુદ આઠમેં દુર્ગષ્ટમી ના દિવશે અચૂક લાપશી અને શ્રીફળ સાંજ ના સમયે માતાજી નીવેદ સ્વરૂપે ને ધરવા
     આપણા સુરાપુરા તરીકે શ્રીનાથીજી બાપા ના દીકરા ભવન બાપા અને ભવન બાપા ના દીકરા વીરજી બાપા પુજાય છે સુરાપુરા દાદા નું શ્રાધ ભાદરવા વડ ૧૪ ના દિવશે દરેક કુટુંબે નાખવું જેમાં રાંધેલ ભાત ખંડ ઘી દૂધ હોય છે
     નીવેદ નો પ્રસાદ માત્ર જોષી કુટુંબ ના સભ્યો એ જ લેવો બહાર ના વ્યક્તિ ઓ ને આપવો નહિ
     આપણા બાર ગામડી તળ ગોળ ના આશરે ૪૦૦ ઘરો છે
     ગર્ગ ગોત્ર ના વંશજ હોવાથી ગર્ગ સંહિતા માં લખેલ છે કે અધ્યાય ૫ શ્લોક ૧૯ બતાવે છે કે ઈશામાંલીયા જોષી પરિવાર ના પુત્ર હમેશા લલાટે કેસર તિલક ચંદન કરીને જ પ્રાત;કાર્યો ની શરૂઆત કરે. કેસર તિલક નું ચંદન હમેશા અવશ્ય કરવું એવું સ્પષ્ટ જણાવેલ છે
     આપણા તમામ નામો ની પાછળ હમેશા જી લગાવતા જે તમે લગભગ બધા નામ માં આવે છે

    પૂર્વે માં આપણે ગર્ગસ્યા ઋષિ ના વંશજ અને અંગ્સત ઋષિ ને શિષ્યો એવા કશી નગરી માં વસતા હતા કાળ ક્રમે ત્યાંથી ઉજ્જૈન માં વસવાટ કરેલ આજે પણ ઉજ્જૈન અને કશી માં ઘણા ઘરો છે ઈશાવીશાન ૦૦૬૫ માં વીર વિક્રમ સવંત ૧૨૧ માં વાસુદેવ ઋષિ તેના પુત્ર વૈજનાથ ઋષિ તેના પુત્ર સારંગ ઋષિ તેના પુત્ર રામ ઋષિ તેના દેવ ઋષિ તેના ભુદર ઋષિ તેના ભાણ ઋષિ તેના માધવરાય તેના સોમનાથ તેના હર નાથ તેના દેવ દસ તેના હરિરામ તેના રઘુનાથ તેના હારાદત તેના જયદત્ત તેના સોમદત્ત તેના દામોદર તેના મધુસુધન તેના વેણી દાસ તેના મહાદેવ તેના સદાશિવ તેના વિશ્વનાથ તેના વેદ નાથ તેના રાજરાખ તેના દામોદરજી અને તેના કાનજી તેના જગન્નાથ અને તેના મુરારજી અને તેના શ્રી નાથજી બાપા એમ ઇતિહાસ જણાય છે

  88. Girish thaker says:

    I am happy to know that till in 2011 such nice and rare [difficult] to obtain history and i.e. ready made Thnka and salute who have generously mentioend here with a view to providing unforgettable moments of life hardly very few may be knowing names of 7 or 8 forefather’s name
    Pl. Send me if more history so I can spread among brahmins


  89. Nayan Rawal says:

    Dear Heetesh Ji,

    Can you discribe the matter in Hindi, because we are from Rajasthan & its a very sad & bad that we don’t know Gujrati.


    Nayan Rawal,

  90. Nayan Rawal says:

    Dear Rudradutt Ji,

    Can you discribe the matter in Hindi, because we are from Rajasthan & its a very sad & bad that we don’t know Gujrati.


    Nayan Rawal,

  91. dhirendra rawal says:

    Hi all,

    I am Dhirendra Rawal . The information i am looking for is about my kuldevi and Beruji .my parent know that it somewhere near to sidhpur and village is Jagani.
    I am Choti sambha Audichya jaganaya Brahmin. Please help this i got hope from this great article that i can found right place of our kuldevi.

  92. Vishwas says:

    I am vishwas. I am audichya sahastra siddhpura brahmin. My gotra is uddalak. Kindly tell our hisotry and our kuldev, kuldevi details.

  93. gaurav bhardwaj 'vyas' says:

    like it very much and know about ourselves it is also requested to give more history about the vyas and their colleuges as we know that muni vyas have seven sones name i.e bhardwaj etc please do clear about them i shall be very thankful for that it is also req why the brahmins leave their home place i.e gujrat and migrated to north & east india

  94. Dipen Pancholi says:



    What is your surname? if you don’t know about your kuldevi maa, can i help u? Please call me.

    It’s my hobby to help any Audichya Sahastra Brahmin’ bandhu.



    OR call me on,

    097275 96079.

  95. parikshit bhatt says:

    our kuldevi is maa bahusmarna (kanoda) & i m from bhavnagar.how many family of kanodiya jani’s in bhavnagar?? parikshit bhatt

  96. mukesh thaker tintoi says:

    very good histry of audichya sahastra brahman. each new generation must have this knowlage . thanks . mukesh thaker

  97. Surendra kumar Sharma says:

    Sh. Vibhanshu Dave ji

    very good histry of audichya sahastra . Aap ne ek bahut prayas kia hi, Thanks. main hamari kul devi shakmbri devi ke dershan kare lekin jaha bataya us Village main nahi . Sidhpur main hi dershan kare.
    Please Main Shakmbri Devi ka Tempke kha hi.
    Surendra K. Sharma, Bhilwara (Raj) 09460994400

  98. nayan rawal says:

    J Mata Di,

    I am Nayan Rawal from Udaipur Rajasthan, My family was Unknown about our Kuldevi, but in oct 2010, I have visited to this site and leave comment to know abt kuldevi and unfortunately one person answered about my query and we got knew about our kuldevi.

    on dated 16-jul-2011 I have visited at the temple of Kuldevi with my family.

    Now I would like to give many many thanks to Uncle Mr. Pritesh Jaswantrai Rawal, (Wadwan), who gave me reply and knowledge about kuldevi. we also visited at his place and meet to him. I am very glade to get one more known family in (wadwan, Surendernagar)

    Nayan Rawal

  99. Manhar Sevak (Raval) says:

    Dear All,
    It’s a great initiative from Mr.Vibhanshubhai. Kudos to him. It has generated lot of interest among community members. Many of them have got answers about their kuldevis which would not have been possible without a trigger like this.

    I am a Tapodhan brahmin(Bhardwaj gotra} and from a a small village called Gandhari in Virpur Taluka of kheda district in state of Gujarat. Currently we are living in Nagpur(Maharashtra). Our original surname is Raval which my grandfather used to write and the same is shown in Govt. records. It was changed to Sevak because we offer ‘Seva’ to Lord Shiva and hence Sevak.

    According to my grand mother, 6-7 generaations back, we have migrated from Medhasan in Megharaj taluka in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat.
    I will be be thankful if some body can help us know about our Kuldevi

    for many generat

  100. Tanya Bhatt says:


    I married to Tapodhan brahim and his gotra is Bhardwaj, Bahuchara Devi is our Kuldevi.

    I hope this helps.

  101. nayan rawal says:

    Dear Manhar Sevak ji (Raval)

    can you give me your cont. no. or mail id to cont. with you easy.

    Nayan Rawal

  102. Sunil Mehta says:

    Dear sir,
    You are doing good work us. I want know my kul devi and place of kul devi temple.My gotra is vatsas.

    Sunil Mehta

  103. Devika Jani says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is Jani Devika from Rajkot.
    We are Audichya Jalavadi Brahmin. And our Gotra is : Upmnyu.
    We are Knodiya Jani. Our kuldevi maataji is : Maa Bahusmarna at Kanoda, near Mahesana. We dont know about “NIVED” or “Naivedhya” so can you please give us detail regarding “NIVED”.

  104. Vishwas Joshi says:

    Hi, I am Vishwas Joshi, am from Mumbai.
    My native is in Rajasthan, we are Audichya Gorwal Brahmins. My gotra is Bharadwaj.

    Can u please provide details on our kuldevi maa and origin.

  105. Mayank says:

    Hi Vibhanshu,

    Very Informative sir, Thanks Much for the much descriptive explanation. We are Thakar’s from Sidhpur. Thats all I know, any more points that you can share. We worship Katar on Birthdays.



  106. abhinisha jani says:

    hey i m abhinisha jani..n my gotra is also bhardvaj.. our kuldevi is Annpurna Maa. n we r originally from Kashi or Banaras.. as i know..

  107. Maulik Japee says:

    I am Audichya Brahmine but after getting this information I got full knowledge that What is our history? I got full brief and thinking to give all Aydhichya Brahmine in my society in Gujarati..
    Thanks a lots..

  108. surendra kumar Sharma Bhilwara Raj. says:

    Dear, Vibhanshu Dave

    I am very glet to no of your respectiv job in abu dabi cogratulation to you for it. you will be glet to now auddichay samaj Bhilwara are going to build a Hostel for Young grownup Students for further stadies in bhilwara district. bhilwara is industrial city & highly scop in education. in the city there are Ingniring & Medical College are running at present. past young grownup student our Caste students come here & toget education in this matter the hostel Facility will peowide them by the Auddichay Samaj bhilwara we hope you will share to us by helping to send amount for this holey purpose. we shell be help full for this. Thanks

  109. Mukesh Kumar Sharma says:

    I am Mukesh Kumar Sharma , Audichaya Brahamin ( Vyas). Anngrish Gotra, Presently we are living at Bhiwani ( Haryana). A Small Group audichaya Brahamin ( Vyas Community ) is living in haryana. I want to know my ” Kuldevi” and my vilage place actualy where we were exit at the attack time of perhaps Md. Gajnavi.

    My. email : mukeshvarunsharma@indiatimes.com

  110. jigar dave says:

    thanks dear for your extraordinary work,i feel so glad when i read our audichya history, and you do nice work with spreding that type of history,best luck dear.jay varahi ma.

  111. Pragnesh Tewar says:

    Vishnubhai, i appreciate the effort you might have taken to this article. However regarding there are lots of other myths too in reference to audhichya tolak and audhichya sahastra brahmins story. Personally have gone through almost all of them , and this seems to be more relevant. and more logical. keep it up would like to be in touch.

  112. Bhupesh Vyas says:

    Hi to All,

    I am Kodinya Gotri Vyas from Udaipur, I want to know about Chanasma and kuldevi of our.

    I’ll be highly obliged for that.

    Bhupesh Chandra Vyas

  113. vedvoice says:

    Respected sir,
    I am belonging to siddhpur , native of audichya sahstra Brahmin ,since ur history shown very interested origine, I am working for Integrating all Audichya sa br in one center after retirement from Govt ,
    Brahmtej ,located at Siddhpur sarswati front Devshankarbapa Ashram ,now it is common with Siddhpith.
    I have to aware our all audi sa br for their Kuldevi and the location too, and let aware them for worship, Vedic ,and other puja and since long time they are ignore for the same as all of them r migrated in Surat, Saustra and other state , can u sir make me ur student for my nobal cause of Brahmtej .
    Blog http://Brahmtej.blogspot.com
    e-mail audichyasabrahmin@gmail.com

  114. Ashish Mehta says:

    i am chaturmutha mehta living in tamil nadu, india native of jodhpur, rajasthan.
    can u pls advise the kuldevi mataji for chaturmutha mehta group.
    pls reply asap
    ashish mehta
    email: ratangalaxy@yahoo.co.in
    mob: +919442889999

  115. rekha says:

    i m Rekha s joshi.i m so happy with this site but i want to know about my family history so if u can help me plz help me. i m audichya sasrah brahmin from junaghad my gotra is vasishta. my grand to grand father Kalidas joshi was raj jyotish at nawab of junagadh. so i want to knw who is kuldevi of our family. if u can say plz help.

    Rekha Joshi

  116. Bharat Jani says:

    Dear Mr.Vishnu Dave,
    Its indeed a wonderful and very informative account of Audichya Bramins.You deserve real compliments for putting great effort in bringing out these facts.I am sure you will continue to bring out new facts for the benefit of Bramins as a whole.

  117. Bharat Jani says:

    Dear Mr.Vibhanshu Dave,
    Its indeed a wonderful and very informative account of Audichya Bramins.You deserve real compliments for putting great effort in bringing out these facts.I am sure you will continue to bring out new facts for the benefit of Bramins as a whole.

  118. Jignesh Dave says:

    Jay Parshuram…
    Im Audichya kharedi Brahmin from Bhuj Kachchh..
    Bhardwaj Gotra and my kuldevi is Varavali mataji near Shihor ( Bhavnagar )
    I like to know abt kuldevata or surapura.
    plz help me ….my cont. 9979962717

    Jignesh Dave

  119. Himansu says:


    I am Himansu Raval , I am audichhya Brahmin My gotra is Bhargava and residing at ahmedabad. can u please guide me about my kuldevi and where temple is situated

  120. Virendra Kumar Audichya says:

    Excellent, by this sincere effort we could know our glorious
    past.I am Audichya brahmin originally from Sidhpur but
    susequently migrated to Uttarpradesh. If you could help me to
    know kuldevi that will be great help. Presently Iam staying at
    Vadodara and serving in defence force.

  121. Prakashjoshi says:

    ,Dear All,
    I m Prakash joshi.I am audhiya brahmin. don’t no My gautra but i only know my Orignal place eshamaliya .but this name village not present in gujarat state .
    we don’t know about our kuldevi.Pls help me for that.If you have any books or any other information for that then pls let me know.
    My mail id is : maulik2007_joshi@yahoo.com

  122. nitin says:

    amaru gotra vashistha,surname purohit,audichya sahastra brahmin,vatan janod, ta.balsinor, dist. kheda,gujarat che. to aap shri amara kuldevi ni mahiti aapsho.


    nitin h. purohit
    mobile :997891872486

  123. Rekha Joshi says:

    thanx hiteshji,
    my name is rekha joshi. my grand parents belong to junagadh and we want to know our kuldevi. and i heard tht umiya mataji is kuldevi of patels so i m confused. so pls give me reply.

    Rekha Joshi,

    (m) 9689792552
    (mail) rekha510@rediffmail.com

  124. nitin h. purohit says:

    amaru gotra vashistha che,mul vatan janod,dist.kheda,ta.balasinor,gujrat. ame 07 varas thi moti hirvani,shri durga mata,ta.kheralu ,siddhpur kuldevi maa na darshne jaie che,to ap shri amra kuldevi nu sthnak, gam dist, sathe janavso, ame audichya sahstra brahmin che

    nitin h. purohit


  125. Vishal Jani says:

    Thanks you very much. It is very nice and useful. In my childhood my grandfather told me this type of brief information but today I got in details. I also feel proud that JANIs who assemble the all member.

    My grandfather told me that our previous surname was “YAGNIK” but we left “Gorpadu” that is why identify as “JANI”, will it right?

    Thank you once again.

    Vishal Jani

  126. dimple thaker says:

    thanks for the nice information … that u have provided …… we welcome more info on this … but i wanted a information that .. we are audhichya brahmin and our gotra is vatsat .. can u plz forward the information about our kuldevi ….as we are unable to trace to trace the name …….

  127. Gautam Jani says:

    Good Informations-Efforts…

    I am audichya sahastra brahmin,,, our Gotra is “UPMANYU” & surname is “JANI”…

    I don’t know… who ? when ? which situation ?…migrated our VANSAJ from kanoda to saurashtra (KHODU, dist surendranagar)… but, i really like to know about all these ? if-any one has some data / pedhi ambo about KANODIA YAGNIK / JANI’s … pls. share…

    My email is gautamjani@yahoo.com


  128. Madan Dave says:

    Dear Vibhanshu and all friends of Audichya Sahastra Brahmin community,
    Jay Mahadev

    First of all congratulations and many thnaks to Vibhanshu. Thanks to his efforts, we all have received such important infromation about our roots. It is a human nature to find own roots, and going thru many comments above, its necessary to have a forum, where we can get all such information like roots, gotra, kuldevi, any organisation/Sanstha where we can get all such information which can be passed on to our children and future generations.
    Any suggestions/answer on this are appreciated.

    Madan Dave – Kashyap Gotra – From Ahmedabad, presently living in NewDelhi

  129. vijay joshi- SanFransisco-U.S.A. says:

    Highly appropriated to refer your article,
    Desire to know some historical events/story/Gatha/ NAVIDYA PRATHA. of
    Audhichya Gohilad Brahmin.
    Gotra: vashistha.
    Kuldev: SONDERDA

  130. Sameer M Bhatt says:

    Respected Vibhanshu ji,

    My name is Sameer Mahesh Bhatt and I would like to know about my Kuldevi.
    we are Trivedi Mevada Brahmin.
    Gotra : Bhardwaj

    Village : Medh – Post Vadali Near Idar Gujarat

    I would really appreciate you reply

  131. Pratik Jani says:

    Ya dude…..

    fantastic information……

    However we classified the brahmin in different group but i suggest we should help each other like B for B how the patel do P for P

    Thank you

  132. Vivekkumar.A.Raval says:

    Great ,
    I am Vivek.A.Raval , And I M Audichya Zalawadi Brahmin , My Kuldevi Shree Khambhalav Mataji , at-Hadiyana (Jamanagar-Gujarat)

  133. hemant k raval says:





  134. Durga prasad sharma says:

    I desire to know about my kul devi. My queries and doubts are not clear ,in fact the temple place is also nat clear my gotra is bhardwaj triparvashya angirus bahirapatra.veevarvashya raghu jujar samved ashlaheen shaakha mahadhanee koutmi shakhaa. I would be greatful to you if you can mail me any info related to this matter.

  135. pankaj balwantrai raval says:

    here is lot of communication and it is very nice to see all our dearest and nearest OUR FAMILY.
    i am working in jamnagar gujarat as edp manager in the commercial co.op. bank ltd.

  136. Nilesh D Joshi says:

    I am Nilesh D Joshi (Audichya Zalawadi Brahmin). My native place (vatan) is Wankaner (Rajkot, Guj.). I know my ‘SURAPURA’. I haven’t knowledge of my ‘SURAPURA’ (FAMILY’S SURAPURA). My Kudevi is Mahakali Ma (Wankaner Tekari). What’s can I do for my ‘KUDEVI’ & ‘SURAPURA’. ‘Havan’ etc…..

    Pls. Help me if U know about that…..

    Nilesh Joshi & Family
    Cell : 99785 32778, 88668 11188

  137. Kalpesh Joshi says:

    Gautra And Kuldevi List

    Parasar – Chamunda Mata, Dethali, Sidhpur
    Vatsat – Bhadrakali Mata, Abu Road, Rajasthan
    Bhardwaj – Chamunda Mata, Varvada, Nr. Sidhpur
    Maunas – Dharamba Mata, Nr. Sidhpur
    Bhargav – Ashapura mata, Kutch
    Gautam – Shaktambika Mata, Pasvadal, Sidhpur

  138. Pranav Vinodrai Trivedi says:

    Hi all,
    I am also in search of our kuldevi and from Audichaya Prakash i got all the information of GOTRA & KULDEVI…as per the details our KULDEVI is MAHA GAURI MAA…but still finding that where in Uttar Pradesh MAHA GAURI MAA’s temple is located…please help me to find the original temple of MAHA GAURI MAA…

    I am trying to upload all the detail of all the BRAHMINS came from Uttar Pradesh along with the GOTRA & KULDEVI of all Brahmin’s.

    Cheer up for the right path…

    Pranav V Trivedi
    403 Sopan Apartment
    Opp. Naranpura Railway Crossing,
    Ahmedabad – 380 013
    Gujarat – India

    Cell # : +91 98797 40176


  139. yagnesh m pandya says:

    Dear All I am yagnesh pandya (esamaliya) I am audish brahim my gautra ia vasista, sakha madhyagini , triparva , tad charaniya my kuldavi is ambaji but not 100% so please give some information

  140. shantilal says:

    May I got this book ? Is it available in hindi or gujarati ? If you have any information please let me know. Thakyou.

  141. UDAY B. SHUKLA says:

    FROM UDAY B. SHUKLA – 9426415686.

  142. Surendera Kaushik says:

    I,Surendera Kaushik presently practicing in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India as an Advocate in Criminal and Civil matters since last 20 years and is living in Rohini,Delhi. According to my Ancient history,We are Audichya Brahmins,from Vyas Peeth,Shakha-Shandalya came from Juna Garg,Gujrat nearabout 6-7 Centuries before after the attack of Mahmood Gajnavi at Somnath mandir to North India as a Hindu Pracharak nearabout 1000 families to Rajasthan,after this some families then migrated to Punjab and then Harayana.
    I am very Happy to see your research and hard work for this Compaign and like very much from heart deeply.

  143. Hemali Dave says:

    Hello. thank you so much for the above information. my name is Ms Hemali.. my surname is ‘Dave’ our kuldevi is considered to be ” maa waravdi” situated in bhavnagar. my gotra is “bhardwaj”… and we are audish kharedi brahmins (gujarati) i wish to confirm about my kuldevi also would be glad to know what does ‘dave’ means and how it originated?..and please if you can give more details about ‘audish kharedi brahmins’ will be grateful ..awating your reply.. thanks a ton..

  144. jayesh gor says:

    I am audichya sahastra brahmin having native place as VADAGAM (North Gujarat) having bhardwajgotra, can anybody lighten the details of kuldevi as we have different opinions for the same.

  145. Mrs Vishakha Rajesh Trivedi says:

    I am basically from Palsana,Madhi Surat, my gotra is Bhardwaj , I want to my kuldevi ma?

  146. hits25 says:

    I really appreciate your details about audichya brahmin. Let me tell you about myself, Myself kamal joshi, audichya zalawadi brahmin. My kuldevi is ma amba and my root is kharwa near wadhvan – surendranagar.

  147. Ajay Pandya says:

    I am Audichya Sahastra brahmin and Bhardwaj Gotra, It is really nice to read this historical information and knowing about my ancestors origins.

  148. Purnima Rajguru says:

    Our surname is Rajguru. Kuldevta is Surdhandada. V were told they were originally Jani.

    Can u throw some light or history behind it.?

  149. Manoj Mehta says:

    I am Manoj Mehta, a 4th-generation Kenyan from an Audichya Gohilwadi lineage. Our gotra is Gautam. My forefathers came from Khakhijalia, a small village near Upleta in Saurashtra. Does anyone know how we as Audichya Gohilwadi Brahmins are connected to the larger group of Audichya Brahmins, and about our history?


  150. manish says:

    भारत वर्ष में प्रथम अखिल भारतीय नगर औदीच्य समाज निःशुल्क परिचय सम्मेल्लन 16-Dec-2012 Venue Maheshwari Dharmshala A.B. Road Indore M.P. की परिचय पत्रिका में कोई भी यदि अपना, व्यापार का , या किसी परिचिय का विज्ञापन देकर सहयोग देवे और हमारा होंसला बदावे । संपर्क करे
    मनीष गौतम
    विज्ञापन शुल्क निम्न प्रकार से है
    फुल पेज रंगीन (बीच में ) 3000 /-
    हाफ पेज रंगीन (बीच में) 2000 /-
    फुल पेज ब्लैक एंड वाइट (बीच में ) 2000 /-
    हाफ पेज ब्लैक एंड वाइट(बीच में) 1000 /-

  151. K Vyas says:

    Since lots of people are interested in kuldevi, there is interesting book “Aapani Kuldevio” in Gujarati having details of various Kuldevis for Brahmin by author Mr. Jaswant Bhatt published by Pragya Prakashan, Malad(West)

  152. Jaylesh kantilal pandya says:

    Thank you for work you have done on Brahmins we are avdich jalavadi Gotro bhargrave I was Born in Tanzania my name in jaylesh kantilal dwarkadas pandya I lost my both parents at young age
    I know little about my roots about Brahmins if you can help me more about roots so I can tell my girls I have living in uk for past 34years

    Maney thanks




    MY MO NO WAS 963832665.

  154. Mitesh Joshi says:

    I am Mitesh Joshi.
    We are Audichya Sahastra Brahmin & our Gotra is Bharadwaj.Our Surname is Joshi.My grand father were residing in Bhavnagar & Shihor before 60-70 years.Now we have settled iv Navsari,South Gujarat.We want to know our Kuldevi Ma’s Name & Location.Please Help & tell.
    I am also searching,But till not get any success.
    I will be great full to you if my inquiry will be sovled..Please do the need full.
    Jay Hind..
    Mitesh Joshi 09427707639

  155. krunal subodhchandra vyas says:

    Hello sir……..

    my self krunal subodh chandra vyas{ AUDICHYA SHAHSTRA 76 BRAHMIN} we are abrizanal to randheja ,ghandhinagar, but right now we are stay in naroda ahemdavad since 80 yrs. my problem is that i don`t know that which our KULDEVI? so pls if possible pls give me some your feed back about this……………

  156. yogesh shukla says:

    aap anu gujarati ma bhashantar muko to samajvama vadhare saru reahshe. bhavdiya namaskar sathe yogesh shukla ( atri) gotra

  157. Bhavesh Bhogayta says:

    I am bardai (moti upsang) brahmin and we r write adichya sahastra so which time sakha changed. Plese sugest

  158. karmesh says:

    the respected,
    i am karmesh thakar and i want to my family deity. i am auditya kharedi, siddhpura thakar, and shandilya gotra.

  159. Kailas Dave says:

    Dave, last name has derived from'”Dwivedi”, refering to two vedas. It is “Dube” in Madhya Pradesh.
    same way, Trivedi refers to 3 vedas. “Aprabhansh} derived to Tarvadi in Gujarat.
    Similarly “Chaturvedi” refering to all Vedas,last names mainly in Madhya and Uttar Pradesh.

  160. JAYESH JOSHI says:

    My Name is Jayesh Joshi. stay in Kheralu. Dist: Mehsana, North Gujarat
    Our Gaurtra : Gautam
    Surname : Joshi [ Audichya sahatra Brahmin ]

    Family Member na pedhi na Naam

    Fathers Name ; Ramanlal joshi
    Ramanlal Gangaram Joshi
    Gangaram Bechardas joshi
    Bechaerdas Dayaram Joshi
    Dayaram mayaram joshi
    Mayaram ojamsinh joshi

    But I Do not know our kuldevi And Devta”s Name . So please Heartly Request tell me our Kuldevi”s Name And Our histry. so i hertly pray my to kuldevi Pooja path for his blessing to my family .

  161. hiteshbhai joshi says:

    Dear Shri Jayeshbhai

    Please note that as per Guatam Gotra Joshi and Acharya Parivar Shaktambika mataji is a kuldevi

    HIteshbhai Joshi

  162. Ashish Rawal says:


    Ashish Rawal here from mumbai our native is rajasthan, I am odichya brahman.

    Gotra is bharadwaj and Kuldevi is Vighnahari Devi.

    I wont to know where is the temple located in gujrat and rajasthan of Vighnahari Kuldevi.

    Kindly let me know I will be thankful to you.

    Ashish Rawal

  163. Pritesh Rawal says:

    Dear Ashish Rawal.

    kuldevi of bhardwaj gotra mashaliya rawal surnamed audichiya brahmin is vidhnahari aadiya shakti maa,temple is situated at kankavati,05 km from dhrangadhra to halwad highway then turn right@15 km from soldi village.of Dist: Surendranagar (Gujarat)

    you can contact me on +91 99784 65111 / 99798 68666
    E mail: rbasu2001@rediffmail.com

    Pritesh Rawal

  164. yogeshraval says:

    dear rudradutt,
    i like your letter detail.. becuase i live in masaliya raval..
    thanks for history

    yogesh raval

  165. manmayi bhatt says:

    hari om my maiden surname is acharya and after marriage it is bhatt , now the thing is both side the gotra is gautam, as per acharya the kuldevi is shaktambika ma at paswadal, siddhpur but have no idea about bhatts kuldevi what to do?

  166. Nirav Dave says:

    Dear Pritesh,

    My name is Nirav Dave and our native in Guajrat is Lunawada (Panchmahal District).

    Our Gotra = Bhargav
    Kuldevi = Aashapuri Mataji in Piplod Village near Anand (Another belief is that kuldevi is Aashapura mataji and her temple is in Kutch)

    Thanks for providing details to all other brahmin brothers. In addition to that, I would like to know the exactly place from where we belong. I came to know from this article that we are from north basically but can you please let me know the name of the place where we belong to?

    Kindly do the needful.

    Nirav Dave

  167. purohit says:

    I want to about kuldevi of audichya kharedi and kuldevta brahmins dave and chandrati gotra kuldevi and kuldevta of purohit

  168. Dharmesh H. Bhatt says:

    My name is Dharmesh Bhatt, from Rajkot and i am Auditya Kharedi Brahmin. Sir, I want to know my kuldevi…some says Ambey Maa and some says Vindhyachal Maa..and i dont know where is the Vindhyachal Matas temple is ??

  169. Yagnaprakash Natvarlal Jani says:

    My Name is Yagnaprakash N. Jani Audichya Ghelaramji Brahmin(Gohilwadi) stay at Rajkot (Gujarat)
    I Do not know our kuldevi And Devta”s Name . So please Heartly Request tell me our Kuldevi”s Name And Our histry. so i hertly pray my to kuldevi Pooja path for his blessing to my family .

  170. Ravi says:

    Har Mahadev

    my name is Ravi Joshi , i m audichya gohelwadi brahmin , bhardwaj gautra

    we have confusion about kuldevi ,, even barot ji not sure about our kuldevi ,

    please help us if u have any knowledge …

    Thanking you

    Ravi .. ( ohm_joshi2000@yahoo.com )

  171. Ravi says:

    Har Mahadev

    my name is Ravi Joshi , i m audichya gohelwadi brahmin ( isamaliya ), bhardwaj gautra

    we have confusion about kuldevi ,, even barot ji not sure about our kuldevi ,

    sometimes barot ji says kuldevi is Ambe ma , sometimes Durga ma,

    last time he said our kuldevi located at somewhere in south gujarat (kheda / narmada) side isamaliya village …. I tried hard to find village named isamaliya and similar ..,,,but i could not found ,, 😦

    please help us if u have any knowledge … very important for our family …..

    Thanking you

    Ravi .. ( ohm_joshi2000@yahoo.com )

  172. harikant sharma says:

    Sir I am from BANSWARA Rajasthan. My forefathers was told me that we are comes from sidhpur patan Gujarat. My gotta is vashithya and some people call us Sewak because we are worship lord shiv our local audichya brahmins believes us different and from Udaipur audichya believe us audichya and we have some relationship just like we can marriage there etc. my questions are what is our kuldevi and second we are audichya or Sewak or tapodhan. Thanks sir

  173. hitraj29 says:

    Dear All

    This is a very good platform that we are sharing information , Congratulation to all who are taking interest

    For ISHAMALIYA JOSHI, if any details are available then please share

    Thanking You


    Dr Hitesh Kumar Joshi


  174. hitraj29 says:

    Brahmin (Brāhmaṇa, ब्राह्मणः) is the class of educators, law makers, scholars and preachers of Dharma in Hinduism. It is said to occupy the highest position among the four varnas of Hinduism.

    The English word brahmin is an anglicised form of the Sanskrit word Brāhmana (Brāhman also refers to a mystical concept in Hinduism). Brahmins are also called Vipra “inspired”,or Dvija “twice-born”.

    It is a misconception that brahmins are only priests. Only a subsect of brahmins were involved in the priestly duties.

    They also took up various other professions since late vedic ages like doctors, warriors, writers, poets, land owners, ministers, etc. Some parts of India were also ruled by Brahmin Kings.


    The history of the Brahmin community in India begins with the Vedic religion of early Hinduism, now often referred to by Hindus as Sanatana Dharma. The Vedas are the primary source of knowledge for brahmin practices. Most sampradayas of Brahmins take inspiration from the Vedas. According to orthodox Hindu tradition, the Vedas are apauruṣeya and anādi (beginning-less), but are revealed truths of eternal validity. The Vedas are considered Śruti (that which is heard) and are the paramount source of Brahmin traditions. Shruti includes not only the four Vedas (the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda), but also their respective Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads.

    Brahman and Brahmin (brahman, brahmán, masculine) are not the same. Brahman (bráhman, neuter), since the Upanishads, refers to the Supreme Self. Brahmin or Brahmana (brahmán, brāhmaṇa) refers to an individual. Additionally, the word Brahma (brahmā, masculine) refers to first of the gods

    Brahmin communities

    The Brahmin castes may be broadly divided into two regional groups: Pancha-Gauda Brahmins from Northern India and considered as Aryans and Pancha-Dravida Brahmins from Southern India considered as Dravidian as per the shloka, however this sloka is from Rajatarangini of Kalhana which is composed only in 11th CE and many communities find their traces from sages mentioned in, much older Vedas and puranas.

    कर्णाटकाश्च तैलंगा द्राविडा महाराष्ट्रकाः,
    गुर्जराश्चेति पञ्चैव द्राविडा विन्ध्यदक्षिणे ||
    सारस्वताः कान्यकुब्जा गौडा उत्कलमैथिलाः,
    पन्चगौडा इति ख्याता विन्ध्स्योत्तरवासि ||

    Translation: Karnataka (Kannada), Telugu (Andhra), Dravida (Tamil and Kerala), Maharashtra and Gujarat are Five Southern (Panch Dravida). Saraswata, Kanyakubja, Gauda, Utkala (Orissa), Maithili are Five Northern (Pancha Gauda). This classification occurs in Rajatarangini of Kalhana and is mentioned by Jogendra Nath Bhattacharya in “Hindu Castes and Sects.”

  175. Mansi PANDYA says:

    Want to know our kuldevi we are Audichya Sahastra Jalawadi Brahmins gotra bharadwaj surname Pandya. Our family was from Junagad as per their knowledge our kuldevi is Navdurga but want to confirm. Thank you.

  176. Mrs. Sujata S. Desai says:

    Thank u for provid such information! I m feeling so much proud that Dr.Umedaram Lalbhai Desai is my great grandfather ! and photograph on wiki pedia is given by me,information is given by me, my cousin & my auntie .we are proud on to be BRAHMINS!

  177. smdave1940 says:

    Dave means Dveevedi. (द्वीवेदी). Dave-s are Audichya Brahmins who were at top most of the list in seniority list prescribed by the Mahant of Ganesh Temple of Banaras, provided they are Bhargava.

  178. smdave1940 says:

    Kuldevi Depends upon the Gotra and Shakha. Those who are Dave and Bhargava Kuldevi is Ashapura (not Asha-Puri). Ashapura is a single Devi. Asha-Pura are two sisters. Our Shiva is Nilkantha. And Ganesh is EkaDanta.

  179. Bharat Desai says:

    We are ” Shihor Sampradaay Audichya Agiyarso ” Brahmin from Bhavnagar district in Gujarat. Our Gotra is Bhardwaaj. We are unaware about who our KULDEVI is. I request to ALL to please provide me information or a lead or link which can help me to find our Kuldevi. -Jai Bholenath.
    Bharat I. Desai Mobile. 9324052279. E Mail- bharatdesai1 @gmail.com.

  180. Sanjay gajendrabhai vyas says:

    Jay mahadev
    I am very happy after watching your site. Sir we are auidichaya Bhramin Gautra Gautama surname vyas. We are chhatrala vyas. Our native unchadi near ranpur dhandhuka.iwant know about our kuldevi. since 125 years we live in navda Barvala near dhandhuka .if possible , pls give your mo. No. — my mobile no is 9426212388 thanks .. V r waiting for your reply ..
    Sanjay vyas .(sanjaynavada@gmail.com)

  181. hinal joshi says:

    Hello..maru nam hinal joshi chhe..ame ishamaliya joshi ane garg gotra chhe…so plz help me….amara kuldevi kon chhe a janavo..ghani try pachhi janva malyu k kuldevi umiya maa chhe unjaa..to umiya maa n umiya bhavani mataji alag chhe k ek j chhe..plz clear it..jo aap koi ne khyal hoy kuldevi no to mane replay aapsho…hinaljoshi18@gmail.com
    Plz plz help me..

  182. sarthak rawal says:

    I m sarthak rawal .it was really amazing to read about the whole history of us.i am very much curious to know more about these and a detailed information about rawal family our kul devi mataji .my gotra is kaushik and i m mandalya rawal so if any ane have any kind of relevent information and willing to share please mail me .my mail id is sarthak.rawal817@gmail.com. and for the auther greate job and please response

  183. smdave1940 says:

    Sarthakbhai, ( sarthak.rawal817@gmail.com)
    If you are Mandalia, it means the village land donated was in Mandal. But this information is not enough. Some of the Brahmins in Mandal had other Gotra also. Hence the “Pravar” is also needed. Some Mandalia Brahmins are Yajurvedi and with Kutsas Gotra. Their Devi is Durga.

  184. smdave1940 says:

    To:Sarthakbhai,(sarthak.rawal817@gmail.com)If you are Mandalia, it means the village land donated was in Mandal. But this information is not enough. Some of the Brahmins in Mandal had other Gotra also. Hence the “Pravar” is also needed. Some Mandalia Brahmins are Yajurvedi and with Kutsas Gotra. Their Devi is Durga.  

    From: तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय…. To: smdave1940@yahoo.com Sent: Monday, 9 March 2015 10:01 PM Subject: [New comment] History and Formation of Audichya Brahmins #yiv2032450426 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2032450426 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2032450426 a.yiv2032450426primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2032450426 a.yiv2032450426primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2032450426 a.yiv2032450426primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2032450426 a.yiv2032450426primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2032450426 WordPress.com sarthak rawal commented: “Hye,I m sarthak rawal .it was really amazing to read about the whole history of us.i am very much curious to know more about these and a detailed information about rawal family our kul devi mataji .my gotra is kaushik and i m mandalya rawal so if any an” | |

  185. priyank pandya says:

    My name is Priyank Pandya from Vadodara.Gujarat. Our Gotra is Atri, Audichya Tolak. I want to know our Kuldevi. If anybody know, or how to find out. I m very thankful to you. pls contact on my id is atripriyank@yahoo.com

  186. sarjit dave says:

    Hello sir ,jay mahadev frist of all I give detail information of mine.gotra~bhargav,panch parv,asladini sakha,sahastrazalawadi 450 bhramin. Now I am coming to the point at present we are praying ashapuri mataji which stay at piplav near petlad as us kuldavi. But I have ? Which is a actual sthank our kuldevi I try hard to find it. Please help with detail history of us .must be known pls .contact me :9099775222

  187. mahaveer bhatt says:

    i am mahaveer bhatt pushkar ajmer rajasthan india my father told that we r origin from gujrat sidhpur. bhardwaj gotra and our kuldevi name is dharan mata but i didnot seen this kuldevi temple i want to know my kuldevi’s temple place if some body help me pl do it. i will be very thankful for them

  188. hiteshbhai joshi says:

    गर्ग गोत्रस्य इशामालिया जोशी परिवार हिरजी वशरामजी जोशी जाम जोधपुर के वंशज

    आप सब को सूचित करते हुवे अत्यंत हर्ष के साथ हमारे सतिमताजी लालबाई माताजी एवं अमुलाबाई माताजी का मंदिर का निर्माण कार्य गाव जापोदड वाया वंथली सोरठ जूनागढ़ में बड़ी प्रसंता से जोर सर से हो रहा हे ३०० एकर जमीं प्राप्त कर ली हे भूमि पूजन हो गया हे कम्पौंड वोल बन गयी हे और माताजी के मंदिर का निर्माण कार्य चल रहा हे आप सभी इशामलिया जोशी परिवार जनों को बिनंती हे की इस एतिहासिक और उम्दा कार्य में माताजी का मंदिर निर्माण में जो आपसे हो शके वो कृपया दान दीजिये आज हमारी माताजी बुला रही हे हमें बड़ा मंदिर बनाना हे , माताजी हज्ररा हजूर हे सुरपुरा सुरधन दादा आज हम सब को कह रहे हे की जल्दी से जल्दी सीलिंग छत टेरेस बना दो ताकि इस्त्ने साल से वो खुल्ले में बेठे हे

    मेरे प्रिय परिवारजनों

    आज हमारी कुलदेवी माताजी श्री सती माताजी ज़पोदड गाव् से हमें बुला रही हे माताजी के मंदिर का नवनिर्माण कार्य जोर शोर से चल रहा हे तो आइये इस एतिहासिक पवित्र और उम्दा कार्य में सब लोग अपना हाथ बटोरे , इस पीढ़ी के कार्य को कई पीढीयों तक याद रखा जायेगा

    हमें इस मंदिर का निर्माण करने के लिए अनुदान की आवश्यकता हे और मा हमेशा उसके सपूत को ही याद करती हे तो आइये आप से जो भी होगा वो फुल नहीं तो फुल की पंखडी देकर माता के ऋण से मुक्त हो जाने का ये बड़ा सुनहरा अवसर हे

    जय माताजी

    जब तक सूरज चाँद रहेंगा माँ सती तेरा नाम रहेंगा



    IFSC CODE : SBIN 0060282


    हितेशभाई जोशी

  189. hiteshbhai joshi says:

    My Dear Brother and sister,

    I am from Rajkot , Gujarat, Dr Hiteshkumar Y Joshi, we have done lot of investigation of Audichya Brahman and its kuldevi and gotra.

    if any one have doubt then please contact me , we are also having very old history book of brahman utpati . we have provide lot of details to many brahman family about their gotra
    this is social services toward our society
    In my Team Prakashbhai Bhatt, from Rajkot Bhaveshkumar Vora from Jamnagar , Sureshchandra Joshi From Jamnagar, Sanjaybhai Joshi From Ahmedabad, and other

    email hitraj29@yahoo.com
    whats app group 9824214757

    Jay parshuram
    Jay mahadev
    Jay shri Krushna

    contact no of Prakashbhai Bhatt 7698958399
    Hiteshbhai Joshi 9824214757

  190. smdave1940 says:

     Kuldevi, also depends upon the Pravar. I have a book indicating the Audichya Brahmins who went to other donated places from Siddhapur. I have a list of some Pravars and the associated name of Kuldevi.shirish M. Dave079-26855554 From: तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय…. To: smdave1940@yahoo.com Sent: Saturday, 18 April 2015 6:33 PM Subject: [New comment] History and Formation of Audichya Brahmins #yiv2500997516 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2500997516 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2500997516 a.yiv2500997516primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2500997516 a.yiv2500997516primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2500997516 a.yiv2500997516primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2500997516 a.yiv2500997516primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2500997516 WordPress.com hiteshbhai joshi commented: “My Dear Brother and sister, I am from Rajkot , Gujarat, Dr Hiteshkumar Y Joshi, we have done lot of investigation of Audichya Brahman and its kuldevi and gotra. if any one have doubt then please contact me , we are also having very old history boo” | |



  192. HIREN DAVE says:

    Bahut badiya Arrival tha me Hiren Dave From Southern Rajasthan District Banswara town Talwara belongs to #SahastraTaulkiya #Audichchya #Brahaman Samaj

  193. mahaveer bhatt says:

    mujhe audichya brahmin ke bhatt gotra ki dhaaran mata ke mandir ke baare me jaankaari chahiye ki mandir kaha par hai please jaldi btaayein intjaar me

  194. mahaveer bhatt says:

    kuldevi bataayee jaa rahi hai bhardawaj bhatt ki
    dhaarna mata or koyee vnya ho to us devi ka naam bhi batayee

  195. Darshan Raval says:

    Thank u to publish this article…It enhanced my knowledge about brahmins. Especially about Audichya Brahmins….It was really surprising while reading this article that It has a lengthed information about the whole history in ancient times..Thank You…Jay Parsuram..MAHADEV HAR

  196. mahaveer bhatt says:

    थारी कुलदेवी धारण माता छे औदीच्य भरद्वाज म्हारो भी गोत्र छे। आ देवी नो
    मंदिर मेहसाना रोड पर तिरंगा हिल माथे छे।
    महावीर भट्ट

    On Feb 24, 2016 16:15, तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय….
    > prashant joshi commented: “maru nam Prashant JOSHI maru bramin chhu gotra
    bhadraj chhe mare Mara kuldevi nu nam janvu chhe”

  197. diwarachhota says:

    Me rajasthan rajy ke banswara jile ke talwara gav se hu naam mahesh kumar bhatt he or sahstra tolkiya oudichya brahman smaj se belong krta hu mera vasisth goutra he ydi aap ke paas jankari ho to plz btave hmari shakha konsi he . Hmare purkhe kha se aaye or hmari kudevi konsi he or uska sthan konsa he
    Short history btave plz

  198. Hitesh Bhardwaj says:

    Thank u very much for providing our past , it is said who forget his past he will sure lost all. So thank u very much for this. Further I am parjiya rajgor brahmin but as per say of my ancestor we came in Gujarat in v.s. 958 at patan by calling upon mulraj Solanki the great king of Gujarat .and king donated village ishamli but in v.s. 1387 allaudin khilji’s attacked gras was snatched therefore came in Kachchh district where that time KATHI Darbar was ruler and appointed us as a Rajgor and donated village to my ancestor Sarang Joshi to village Khandek and henceforward we known as a Khandeka. Our Gotra is Bhardwaj kuldevi chamunda ishtadev shiv shakha Madhvi ved yajurveda. But I am confused above statement declared kuldevi Uma but since more than 700 years we are worship chamunda mata as kuldevi so any one can explain this and ishamali village. Jay somnath

  199. narayan says:

    I m narayan raval from gram katera dist. Chhittorgarh, Rajasthan. My surname is sharmsa. Please tell me about my kuldevi and kul devta..
    Thanks n regards

  200. Hitesh Kumar Bhardwaj says:

    Thanks a lot for providing wonderful history, I would like to share my history as per say of our Barot we are also belonging from ishamaliya Joshi , my Gotra is Bhardwaj and kuldevi Uma chamunda and Dev is lord shiva ,according to our barot’s history my ancestor came from ishamali nagar which was located near kasi and came at anhilpur patan in vs 957 and after the completion of yagya the king mulraj donated village ishamali and my ancestor reside at there since 1357 but allaudin khilji’s invaded on Gujarat my ancestor left his village and came in Kachchh where Kathi Darbar appointed them as their Gor donated land to my ancestor sarangthar Joshi who’s nick name was Khandeka being his heirs all are using surname Khandeka. Later Kathi left the Kachchh and settled in Kathiawar but my ancestor reside in Kachchh and we are now Gor of Dangar & boricha Ahir but this history written in Barot ‘s book. So anyone has information regarding ishamaliya Joshi pls share it. My name is Hiteshkumar Bhardwaj I am from Gamdhidham Kachchh

  201. Naimish Bhatt says:

    ભાઈ શ્રી,
    માહિતી બદલ ખુબ ખુબ આભાર અપનો…

    માતાજી ના કર સુ થાય અને ક્યારે થાય અ કોઈ જ માહિતી મારી પાસે નથી તો જો આપ એ માહિતી પૂરી પડે તેવી નમ્ર વિનંતી

  202. Sanjay Dave says:

    My name is Sanjay Dave , Gotra Bhargav, Kuldevi , Ashapuri Maa Piplav, Anand. Dave means who study and practice in two vedas, but i don’t which two vedas. If some one help to inform.

  203. Rex Johe says:

    i’m sure all of you are actually impressive and since for beginners like me….i managed to get to the correct destination for a read about whatever wanted…

  204. Gauravkumar Raval says:

    Hi this is nice but make a proper website that everyone can get a proper information about their gotra history and kuldevi……………….
    I want to know just a thing if anyone can answer my question about Mashaliya Raval Gotra – Bhardwaj. 3 pravar(Angira, Bruhaspati, Bhardwaj) shukla yajurved……… Amara kuldevi vighnahari devi che pn aa shakti maa ne to bindeshwar ji e kidhu k tme kuldevi bano…… pn brahmano ne to vighnahari devi che… to aa kankavati shakti maa nu mandir che to maa vighnahari no itihas joiye…………………. hu pn research karu chu aana pr………. jay ma gayatri…….. jay parshuram

  205. Gauravkumar Raval says:

    Bharadwaja, also spelled Bharadwaaj (Sanskrit: भारद्वाज, IAST: Bhāradvāja, Telugu: భరద్వాజ), was one of the greatest Hindu sages (Maharṣis) descendant of Sage (Ṛṣi) Aṅgirasā, whose accomplishments are detailed in the Purāṇas. He is one of the Saptaṛṣis (Seven Great Sages or Rishis) in the present Manvantara; with others being Atri, Vasiṣṭha, Viswamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, Kaśyapa.[1]

    Bharadvāja Bārhaspatya is the progenitor of the Bhāradvāja family and the family is attributed as the composers of Sixth Maṇḍala of the Ṛgveda. Maṇḍala 6 is known as the Bhāradvāja Family Book as all its 75 hymns are composed by members of this family over several centuries.[2] He is believed to be a contemporary of King Bhārata. Maharṣi Bharadvāja and his descendants were respected and powerful priests-like ṛṣi of several clans/dynasties of the Puru tribe, such as the Bhāratas and the Pañcālas.

    Sage Bharadvāja was a sage of the Vedic times. He attained extraordinary scholarship. He had the great power of meditation.[3] His Āśrama still exists at the holy Prayag (Allahabad).

    Bharadwaja was also the father of Guru Droṇācārya and grandfather of Aśvatthāma from the epic Mahābhārata. His grandson rishi Aśvatthāma or otherwise called Drauni, will become one of the Saptarishi in next Manvantara.[4] Bhardvāja or Bharadwaja is one of the most exalted gotras (family lineages) of the Brahmin caste. Brahmins with Bharadwaja gotra use Bharadwaja as their Lastname.

    Maharṣi Bharadvāja was the son of Devarṣi Bṛhaspati. Devarṣi Bṛhaspati was the son of Maharṣi Aṅgirasa. Angiras was the son of Brahma and Brahma came from Vishnu. These 3 Ṛṣi are called the Traya Ṛṣi, meaning The Three Ṛṣis of the Bharadvāja Gotra. Guru Droṇācārya, the royal guru to Kauravas and Pāṇḍavas in the epic Mahābhārata was the son of sage Bharadvāja. He was a master of advanced military arts, including the Devāstras. Among all the seven gotras Bharadvāja is the largest chain. Bharadvāja gotra has more than 1400 branches.

    He married Sushila and had a son called Garga.

    His son Dronacharya was born as a result of his attraction to an Apsara Ghritachi. He trained Drona in use of weapons. Drona also learnt the use of weapons from Agnivesha, Agastya’s student and from Parasurama himself. Drona then went on to teach the weaponry to the Kauravas and Pandavas. Drona has a son called Ashwatthama who was an avatar of Lord Siva. Both Drona and Ashwatthama are Maharathas who fought on Kaurava side on Mahabharata war,in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.[5]

    Bharadwaja had a daughter called Devavarnini. Yajnavalkya, the author of the Satapatha Brahmana was a descendant of Bharadwaja.The second wife of Yajnavalkya Katyayani, was the daughter of Bharadwaja.[6]

    His achievements and contributions: Bharadwaja’s Vedic mantras were placed in the sixth Mandala of the Rig Veda by Veda Vyasa Dharmasutra and Srautasutra were written by Bharadwaja. The manuscript of the latter was in Pandu script and is available with the Vishvavidyalaya of Mumbai. He was a master of the scriptures and Vedas. He was a renowned Sanskrit grammarian. As per the Rktantra, pratisakhya of the samaveda, Brahma taught grammar to Brhaspati who in turn taught it to Bharadwaja. Panini, Rkpratisakhya and Taittiriya have quoted and discussed Bharadwaja on grammar.

    Kautilya (Chanakya) has quoted Bharadwaja on politics in his treatise Kautilya Arthashastra. Dhvanta Pramapaka Yantra : Spectromer of Bharadwaja Maharshi. Chanakya quotes Bharadwaja in the Kautilya Arthashastra

    He had an unquenchable thirst for the knowledge of the Vedas and in addition to his studies, meditated on Indra for long life for more knowledge. He also meditated upon Siva and Parvathi for more Vedic knowledge. He was a first hand witness to the incident of the Krauncha birds, where Valmiki uttered his first sloka. He was egoless. He spent a major part of his life spreading Vedic knowledge as per a command of Indra’s.

    In Rāmāyaṇa, Śrī Rāma along with Sita and Lakṣmaṇa went on exile on own for the maintaining the dharma/words of his father. Rama along with them went through many forest regions starting from crossing Ganga river with help of Guhan, head clansman and a friend of Rama’s father Daśaratha. As he traveled he visited many Rishi’s Ashrams and met many rishis and sages including Agastya, Gautama and Bharadvāja. Śrī Rāma and others rested in Bharadvāja’s āśrama when they were crossing Prayag and accepted his offerings as great sages knew that Śrī Rāma is incarnation of Mahā Viṣṇu, Sitā Devī is goddess Lakṣmī and Lakṣmaṇa is none other than Śeṣa Nāga.

  206. Dharmesh JANI says:

    Koi pan kuldevi ni mahiti joti hoi to malo janidada MO. 9712733131 Pranam sathe baki book na aadhare Mani na lavaye free Deva che Ho Tamare kuldevi ni jarur hoi to malo

  207. Dharmesh JANI says:

    Free seva che tamari original kuldevi jarur malse ek vaar aavashya malo jo Tamare kharekhar ma ni jarur hoi to pramaan sathe vadhu mate malo jago Brahmano jago MAHADEV har. (note:)Maro hetu Fakat Ne Fakat tamari bhagvati MA sudhi pohochadvano che

  208. CHANDRAVADAN says:

    i wnat to need our kuldevi, i am shandiya gotra and rawal sur name. I (AUDICHYA TOLAK BRAHMIN) OUR NATIVE IS MEHLOL DIST : PANCHMAHAL

  209. Mihali Raval-Pandya says:

    Interestingly, I have heard this story from my father as well. We are Ravals with Kautsas gotra and were brought down from north (Badrinath Kedarnath priests are still called Ravalj). Originally from Mandal participating in King Siddharaj’s ashvamegh yagna. Our kuldevi is Khambhalai maa, as she was brought on shoulders down from the north and was originally Maa Chamundi of the navdurga. We are shaivites who pray upon shakti.

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